Xbox Cloud Gaming makes Series X games playable on Xbox One today

Play current-gen games on your last-gen console.

Image via Xbox

A year into the lifecycle of the current-generation consoles, acquiring said consoles hasn’t gotten any easier. With Sony reportedly cutting down on PlayStation 5 production and Microsoft speculating shortages will continue into 2022, consumers have an uphill battle ahead of them. Luckily, today’s rollout of Xbox Cloud Gaming aims to make the wait a little bit easier for players on older Xbox systems.

Starting today, current generation-only games like The Medium, Recompile, and The Riftbreaker are playable on Xbox One through this service. It’s a limited list for the time being, but Microsoft plans to support and expand this library over time. Microsoft Flight Simulator will come to the service in early 2022, though we don’t know what other titles are planned for the foreseeable future. Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles is launching in 25 regions.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a streaming service that’s been in beta on PC and supported mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Windows tablets. But now, users are able to stream games to their Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. While it is a neat addition on Series consoles, it is the Xbox One that stands to benefit most, allowing it to play games the hardware otherwise wouldn’t be able to run natively.