Sony is reportedly cutting PlayStation 5 production plans

That PS6 could be out before you get a PS5.

Image via Sony

Due to a shortage of components and logistics constraints, Sony has reduced the number of PlayStation 5 units it will be producing by the end of the fiscal year, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The company had targeted reaching 16 million units to be in production by March in order to reach its sales goal for the period, as well as being ahead for next year’s production. But that number has now been reduced to 15 million, meaning it’s going to be a lot harder for people to buy a PS5 in the coming months. The PS5 has been incredibly difficult to come by in the last year in any case, and this will only make things worse. It also means that Sony is unlikely to make its targets for the fiscal year.

The news goes against a previous statement from Sony, in which they stated they’ll be able to meet their targets for March 2022. The PS5 isn’t exactly struggling though, recently having announced 13.4 million units sold worldwide.

One of the major problems likely affecting the ability to produce PS5s is likely the ongoing global chip shortage that has also been affecting the production of the Nintendo Switch. Valve also recently announced a delay for the Steam Deck, which was set to arrive this holiday season and now releasing in February 2022, also citing material and component shortages as the main reason for doing so. The pandemic has also made the supply chain unpredictable, and with still no definitive end in sight, these issues are likely to continue further.