Xbox Series X trademarks new logo ahead of incoming reveal

Leaves room for an Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft has trademarked a new Xbox Series X logo, likely in anticipation of an incoming reveal for its next-generation console.

The trademark has been filed last week and showcases a different logo compared to previous promotional material that has been released since December 2019’s announcement at The Game Awards.

From the looks of it, it seems that this logo could be used in comparisons between different Xbox models and, with rumors about Xbox Series S – codenamed Lockhart – still flooding the Internet, we can see where this could be leading.

A high-resolution version of the logo has yet to be released, but this is it as shown on the Justia Trademarks website that has revealed its existence.

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“The mark consists of the word SERIES in a vertical formation to the right of which appears a stylized letter X,” claims the description of the logo.

With the logo already trademarked, there’s a chance the console might get a new reveal shortly.

Microsoft has an E3 2020 digital replacement in the works, which is slated for June, but rumors also point out there’s a chance that another event might happen in May.

That event could be the right occasion for the platform owner to reveal the Xbox Series S finally, and the fact that the Xbox maker has trademarked such logo could mean it’ll need to showcase the differences between two next-gen consoles precisely.

The rumors about Xbox Lockhart have been around for a while but, after the Project Scarlett reveal at E3 2019, it looked like that planĀ had been scrapped.

Recently, though, Phil Spencer – EVP at gaming for Microsoft – has hinted at “a plan that can win” about pricing, and that could include a cheaper model.