XDefiant playtest opens to more players with NDA that lets them talk about the game without showing it

Tell, don’t show.

Tom Clancy XDefiant

Image via Ubisoft

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After recently launching its Insider Sessions playtest, XDefiant is now looking to buff up its tester population. Invitations to join the playtest will be sent out to more candidates soon, as long as they have signed up for it in the first place. XDefiant can certainly use the feedback of a more robust player base for these in-development playtest sessions, as it seems to be struggling to find its identity in the overcrowded military shooter space. While its foundation of popular characters and locations from Ubisoft games does make it immediately recognizable, playtest participants have largely reported that XDefiant plays a lot like Call of Duty’s standard multiplayer. At this stage in its development, the game seems to lack original mechanics and game modes, the only offerings for the latter being time-tested staples like Domination, Payload, and Kill Confirmed.

Alongside the playtest invitation announcement, Ubisoft is also changing the terms of the non-disclosure agreement that originally prohibited XDefiant playtesters from sharing any and all information about the game. With the revised NDA in place, insider session participants can discuss their experience with XDefiant and their opinions openly by sharing them on social media or anywhere else. However, streaming the playtest or showing any captured images or footage from it is still prohibited. If you are interested in playing XDefiant, you can sign on for the Insider Sessions playtest. These tests usually take place for a few hours every two weeks, and we expect their frequency and duration to increase as the game approaches its release window.