Xenoblade studio’s website updates, fans expect incoming Nintendo Direct

The series’ composer also has new projects.

Image via Nintendo

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Monolith Soft is known for the Xeno series of RPGs, with Xenoblade Chronicles becoming a Nintendo staple over the last few years. A recent change on Monolith’s side could indicate that papa Nintendo is preparing for another Direct.

The studio’s website has been totally redone. Monolith tweeted the news, adding that it’s “look[ing] forward to the future.” While the site certainly looks clean and bright, there are smaller, noteworthy changes that hint at that possible Nintendo Direct. Reddit user IDontBeatGames pointed out that many old news posts have been deleted and the copyright year now says 2022. Previously it said 2017 — the year Xenoblade Chronicles 2 launched on Switch. Therefore, what could 2022 hold for Monolith?

All of that is pretty innocent on its own, but consider composer Yasunori Mitsuda. He’s created some of the best video game music for studying, and that includes compositions for Xenoblade Chronicles. Last month, Mitsuda tweeted that his next project would hopefully be announced in February. The Xenoblade team relaunches its website, the Xenoblade composer says he wants to share his new work soon — you can see where this is going. Fans are anticipating a Nintendo Direct including something new from all those folks.

February would certainly be a good time for Nintendo to give us more info on upcoming releases. Cloud versions of the Kingdom Hearts series come to Switch this month. Not long after that, Triangle Strategy and Kirby and the Forgotten Land will launch in March.