Best video game music for studying

Keep writing, keep your head in the game.

Image via Atlus

Video game music helps transport you to a different world, and while there is death and destruction more often than not in the games themselves, there can be some melancholy, relaxing tracks to find in many classic titles. Like the classical works of Mozart and Chopin, video game composers (and cover artists) can also help you focus on your study sessions and put you at ease.

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Celeste is one of the most touching indie games to ever be released, and Lena Raine’s soundtrack for the game matches the beautiful message Celeste is trying to give. “Resurrections” is a stunning piece that resembles the struggles the main character Madeline is going through as she climbs the mountain. In the same soundtrack, “First Steps” gives listeners a hopeful and positive vibe that many students would find solace in during a tough studying session. We chose to highlight DS Music’s wonderful rendition of “Resurrections,” as the piano performance struck an emotional chord and motivates us to keep reading, writing, and studying.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The adventurous world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has some of the most serene and beautiful tracks in gaming. Ambient tracks like “Far Horizons” and “The Streets of Whiterun” give a warm embrace to the listener as they open up the Scandinavia-inspired world around you. Some stirring instrumentals like the violin and choir put you at peace as you study for an upcoming exam. We particularly like reading a book while these tracks are playing in our ears. Go on Spotify, YouTube, or other streaming services, and try to find a relaxing playlist to avoid the battle themes. Andy McKee covered one of the game’s tracks on a harpguitar. That’s right — a harpguitar. And it sounds great.

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X is Nobuo Uematsu’s magnum opus with grand themes and battle tracks throughout. For our convenience though, Final Fantasy X has plenty of slow and soothing songs you can study with. Tunes like “To Zanarkand,” “Tidus’ Theme,” “Besaid,” “Calm Before The Storm,” and “Yuna’s Theme” just to give a few examples can put you in that zen state. Try to find a playlist of the relaxing music from the game, and you’ll be in bliss. We also recommend the Lo-fi remix by Rifti Beats; it has helped with many writing sessions in the past with its mellow hip hop take on the soundtrack.

Persona 5

The Persona series is known for its unconventional music by Shoji Meguro. Persona 5 is arguably the best out of the lot. It has a brilliant suite of jazzy tunes in a soundtrack that can both relax and excite you. There are too many to mention that would be perfect for your study session. Tunes like “Beneath The Mask,” “When My Mother Was There,” and “Layer Cake” will all help you focus on your studying session. We particularly like J-Music Ensemble’s version of “Butterfly Kiss,” a cover that stays true to the source material but adds some tasty solos along the way. There are plenty of covers on YouTube, and the original soundtrack from the Atlus Sound Team is on Spotify too.

Xenoblade Chronicles 1 & 2

Xenoblade Chronicles is home to many relaxing themes as the music from ACE is inspired by the enchanting worlds that Monolift Soft has created. The title theme of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 “Where We Used To Be” is played beautifully by insaneintherainmusic and puts you in an attuned state for reading or taking notes. If you want to feel more invested and get the blood pumping, the battle theme from the first Xenoblade Chronicles, “You Will Know Our Names” will give you a great pick-me-up.