You can now pre-load Atomic Heart, but be wary of its big file size

The power of Hyper-Realism.

Image via Mundfish

Just two weeks ahead of its release, the highly anticipated Atomic Heart has made its pre-load available for download, with a file size of 78.66GB. This has raised concerns among prospective players, particularly those who own an Xbox Series X or Series S, due to the impact the large file size could have on their gaming experience.

The size of the file is due to the game’s focus on hyperrealism, which requires a lot of detail and high-quality graphics. This includes high-resolution textures, complex models, and detailed environments, as well as advanced physics and AI systems, which add to the realism but also contribute to the size of the file.

For Xbox Series X/S owners, a file size of 78.66 GB is significant. The Xbox Series X has a storage capacity of 1 TB, while the Series S has 512 GB. However, due to the operating system and other necessary files, the usable storage is even less. For example, the Series X has around 800 GB of usable storage, and the Series S has around 364 GB of usable storage.

This means that the large file size of Atomic Heart could take up a significant amount of the available storage space on the consoles, and may require players to delete other games or files to make room. Additionally, the long download time for such a large file size can be a problem for those with slow internet speeds.

The trend of large file sizes in video games has been growing in recent years. For example, games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Hitman World of Assassination have file sizes of around 136GB and 60GB on Xbox Series X, respectively. This has resulted in longer download times and a strain on storage space and has raised concerns among gamers.

Despite these concerns, many are still eager to experience Atomic Heart. The game is set in an alternate universe during the Soviet era and players control a special agent who is tasked with investigating a mysterious facility. The unique blend of action and adventure, as well as the captivating graphics and storyline, have generated a lot of interest. However, for Xbox Series X/S owners, the large file size of 78.66GB is something to consider before pre-loading the game.