Resident Evil Mercenaries update comes to Resident Evil 4 VR

New challenges and rewards are included.

Image via Capcom

When Resident Evil 4 VR arrived on Meta Quest 2 last Halloween, it came with a few caveats. Fan-favorite modes like The Mercenaries were cut, but that’s remedied now. Meta’s latest VR gaming showcase included the announcement of the mode finding its way back into RE 4 VR.

“Now including The Mercenaries,” the game’s store page proudly declares. The update is out today, and it not only brings the mode back, but it also adds some new features. It’s been “rebuilt for VR” according to the launch trailer, putting you in control of Ada, Hunk, Krauser, and Wesker. New challenges put spins like wild west and pirate themes on the Mercenaries, and completing them unlocks lots of goodies for the main story. Other features include a silly big head mode, a black-and-white classic horror mode, and a sped-up fast forward mode. If The Mercenaries had to be cut at first, at least it’s back in style.

This update is just one of many announcements from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. Among Us VR was also part of the lineup, and its new trailer actually gives us a glimpse of how the game works. The VR POV offers players a new level of immersion at the cost of a broader overhead camera angle, which should lead to some seriously sus behavior.