Roblox: Best Abilities in Fire Force Online, Ranked

Call the fire department!

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Roblox has a ton of experiences that suit all kinds of audiences. Fire Force Online is another game for those who like anime and play Roblox. Based on the Fire Force anime, Fire Force Online attempts to marry that concept into an online game and has succeeded.

Because Fire Force Online is pretty much a combat-focused game, understanding the various abilities and how they rank can help you play efficiently and strategize around your character from the get-go. In this article, we’ll review all the abilities you can get in Fire Force Online and how they rank in our tier list for them.

What Are the Best Abilities in Fire Force Online?

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As of writing this article, there are 13 skills you can get as you play Fire Force Online. Each one of these skills has unique attributes that you can use to press your advantage as you play. We’ll include what each skill is as well as how players can use them for each entry, along with why we think it goes in one tier instead of another.


Below we have the best of the best in Fire Force Online, the cream of the crop. While this is all subject to change via updates, as of now, this is the best you can get:

  • Liberation Fists: If you’re a fan of dealing damage in a tactical onslaught, try Liberation Fists. The overwhelming damage-centric ability has an incredible damage output, making it perfect as a combat-based game tool. The super armor move can also absorb damage, making it not simply a set of flying fists, but one that dares the enemy to fight back and suffer the consequences.
  • Grand Hands: Not as tricky as Liberation Fists, but every bit as intimidating, Grand Hands is a basic combat ability that’s well praised by its high damage output. Compared to other A-Tiers though, it is a bit predictable and simple, more commonly used by new players than old. However, much like a baseball bat, it doesn’t need to be very complex to get damage done.
  • The Devil’s Footprint: This ability is on the total other side of the spectrum when it comes to Blunt Object vs Skilled Tactics. This fast-paced move is one of the more complex-oriented, filled with quick dashes and a breakdance style of running around throughout the player’s attacks. If you like to keep your enemies dazed and confused, The Devil’s Footprint may perfectly match your style.
  • Sakura: If you’re just a beginner in Fire Force Online, consider playing a little before you give this one a spin. Sakura has the capability of stopping time, and while that may sound like it makes things more simple for you, it does not. Balancing the thin line between focusing on combat and moving with your ability to stop time takes a bit of practice to master. Once you have Sakura well established in your mind through, stopping time and taking enemies out as if they’re standing still becomes easier than shooting fish in a barrel.
  • Explosion: Everyone goes to this one for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t want to explode their enemies? Despite the simple premise, causing explosions to fight really does take some time to master, which is why we ranked it a bit lower on our A-list. It has devastating power, but getting it under control is a bucking horse you’ll have to tame. Once you do manage to tame it through, some literal explosive and close-combat potential is right on your fingertips.
  • Excalibur: Another high-damage move that devastates, Excalibur makes the A-Tier mark by this damage count alone. Unfortunately for anyone using it, Excalibur is also pretty easy to parry if you have any skill with the game. Depending on who you’re facing, this move will either be their end or something they can easily counter. Learning the difference between the two can make or break the fight.
  • Lightning: Unlike Excalibur, Lightning is unable to be blocked in any way. Additionally, you can use Lightning to either grapple onto close foes or launch at enemies who are far away. This versatility makes it almost Excalibur’s exact opposite.

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The next lowest tier is the B-Tier abilities. While these are still pretty great, they don’t hold a candle to either the usefulness, flexibility, or sheer destruction that the other ones above cause. These will get the damage done, but aren’t as fireworks about it:

  • Shield: Just like it sounds, this ability is a melee fiend’s best friend. It deals slam attacks that can stack up some pretty impressive damage. To boot, it can keep enemies away, making it a double threat on any battlefield, not to mention useful.
  • Axen’Gun: You get this when you combine an axe and a gun. Pretty simple sounding, to be sure, but the weapon can do both up-close and ranged damage, so it’s something to consider to be sure. While it may not be as powerful as the ones above, the versatility places this ability quite high on the list with all of them in consideration.
  • Pile Bunker: Using missiles, you can use Pile Bunker to deliver a flurry of both short and long-ranged attacks. It isn’t much for combo chaining, but what do you expect when you’re dealing with missiles? Leave combo dreams to matters of the fists.
  • Gun: The ability is straightforward, as simple as they come. It suffers during close combat ordeals but is a menace from afar.

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These last few are abilities that only a mother (or maybe in this case, the dev) could love. Not completely useless, but not too much to write home about either. C-Tiers will either be a specialists friend or a generalist’s enemy, as you can see below:

  • Sputter: This ability does what the title says, and sputters. Not as efficient as a full-on blaze, the damage is a tad lackluster. However, you can summon two of them, so that does help make up for things.
  • Sickle: While this may look cool for aesthetic reasons, the Sickle is weak compared to other higher-tier weapons. In a world where Excalibier exists, there isn’t much of a reason to use Sickle.