How to Escape From Battles in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Escape From Battles Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Combat is a big part of the Dragon Ball Z franchise, and it serves a massive function in leveling up and becoming stronger in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. However, you might run into something far stronger than yourself in the middle of nowhere. When that happens, and your opponent has you outmatched, you may need to run away to return to it at another time.

Escaping combat is exceptionally straightforward. You need to disengage from your opponent and start flying away from them. It can be in any direction you choose, but it has to be far away. Make sure to remove your lock-on camera with them by clicking the Right Stick on your controller before you do it, or you remain close by and continue flying around them.

When you’re far enough away from your opponent, you can fully disengage and continue the activities as if you were never in combat. You can only do this during certain times, though. For example, you wouldn’t be able to disengage and escape a boss battle during a story mission. You can only do this in wild encounters, and these encounters can happen anywhere in the overworld.

While you might have trouble against a story mission, you can’t leave those. You have to keep fighting until you win or lose. Luckily, you can avoid any random you encounter you when you’re at a low level until you come back to that area stronger.