How To Get Nitain Extract In Warframe

It ain’t easy.


Image via Digital Extremes

Nitain Extract is a scarce resource in Warframe. You use it to craft Warframes, Archwings, and weapons. Nitain Extract comes from three sources in the game:

  • Nightwave offerings
  • Finding all three hidden caches in Reactor Sabotage missions, although at a meager percentage chance
  • Ghoul Purge Bounties during an active Ghoul Purge event

Nightwave is a system of weekly and daily challenges that you can complete to earn Standing with Nora Night, an NPC in the game. As you rank up by completing missions, you will get a reward for each level. Some of those rewards will be Nightwave Credits. You can Nightwave Credits to purchase Nitain Extract from the Credit Offerings for that Nightwave Series. Nitain Extract costs 15 Credits to buy.

Reactor Sabotage missions involve taking on the Grineer or Corpus, and shutting down their reactor. Three hidden caches spawn during the missions, in random areas of the level. They will appear on your radar as loot containers. This mission is not a great way to farm Nitain Extract, as not only do you need to find all three caches to have a chance at getting the Nitain, but the drop chance is only one percent.

Ghoul Purge is a regular event on the plains on Eidolon. During the event, Konzu will have some special Ghoul Purge Bounties you can complete, and reward you with Nitain Extract. You get Nitain as a reward from Stage 4 of the Tier 1 Bounties, and Stage 4 and 5 of the Tier 2 Bounties.

Nitain is tricky to get, and there are points in the game where you need a lot of it. We would suggest grabbing Nitain from the Nightwave rewards as often as you can, and running the Ghoul Purge Bounties when they are available. The Reactor Sabotage method is just too much time invested, with a scant chance of getting this reward.