Warframe – How To Quickly Farm Rare Mods, Complete The Enhance Challenge

Quick and easy.


The Enhance Challenge in this week’s Warframe Nightwave series wants you to get your hands on eight Rare mods. While this should happen naturally as you play the game, Rare mods do not drop all that often. There is one activity in the game that will drop a lot of Rare mods though, allowing you to wrap up this challenge in about ten minutes.

How To Quickly Farm Rare Mods

The Index

To get your hands on lots of Rare mods, quickly and easily, you want to head to The Index on Venus. The Index is a Corpus controlled show that pits Tenno against some of the Corpus Faction’s best fighters. You need to kill the enemy, collect the green shards they drop, then deposit them in your enemy’s goal to score points.

It is a popular activity with players who want to quickly farm Credits, as it comes in three different difficulties that you buy into, with each one rewarding more Credits when you win. For the sake of this Challenge, just go with the lowest buy-in rate at 45,000 Credits. It is fine though; you will make back 105,000 Credits for each round that you win.

Now, get your hands on your most powerful gun, bring a frame that can either do solid offense or defense, and make sure you have your matchmaking set to public to make your life a little easier. I was able to wrap this Challenge up in just two rounds. Dead enemies have a high chance of dropping Index specific mods, and those mods are all Rare. Make sure you are traveling all over the map during the round, as you never know where a teammate might have killed someone, and there may be a nice shiny mod waiting for you there.

So, that should help you quickly farm Rare mods, Tenno. Best of luck in The Index!