How to get Flamigo Down in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The softest, pinkest feathers.

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Gathering crafting materials is one of the new core gameplay mechanics in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, primarily used for crafting Technical Machines (TMs) at the TM Machine you find at every Pokemon Center in Paldea. Flamigo Down is just one of almost two hundred unique materials you’ll need to gather on your journey, and while it’s easier to come across than others, getting enough for multiple TMs will still be something of a grind. Here’s how to find the stuff.

Source of Flamigo Down in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As its name suggests, you’ll get Flamigo Down by encountering Flamigos, the flamingo-looking Pokemon that are common in several regions. There are two ways to acquire the stuff: capturing the Flamigo or making them faint. Capturing nets you two units of Down, and fainting nets you one unit.

Finding Flamigos is pretty straightforward. They’re native to marshes and wetlands, so most places that have fresh water are bound to have Flamigos. Early in the game, you’ll find a few of them east of Los Platos, but that’s far from their most plentiful.

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Flamigos are best found in the northwestern part of the map around the Casseroya Lake or in parts of the north around Glaseado Mountain. The lake, the largest body of fresh water in the region, is the easiest place to look for them. They are also present in the central parts of the Eastern Province and the southwest of the South Province, area six.

For the fastest possible farm, you’ll want an Electric type of some kind, as while Flamigo has Fighting as its second type, Electric still does double damage. As odd as it may seem, Flying types are also effective, as having the subtype doesn’t give Fighting any additional resistance to its weakness to Flying attacks. You could bring another Flamigo to the Flamigo farm, or any of the other strong Flying options available in the game.