What is the release date of Tetris Effect: Connected on Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch will be connected soon.

Tetris Effect Connected Switch

Image via Enhance Games

Tetris Effect: Connected is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch after years of waiting. The puzzle game has been critically praised across the board for its stunning visuals, exceptional music, and fun gameplay. But how long do you have to wait to finally play this masterpiece?

Tetris Effect: Connected will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on October 8. It will be coming with the single-player Journey mode and the multiplayer modes that have you compete with your friends. The co-op Connected mode will also let you play with others offline or online to complete lines together against AI opponents. The Nintendo Switch version also features crossplay with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, so it will be easier to find matches online.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch version of the game also makes this the first time Tetris Effect: Connected will be fully portable. You’ll be able to experience Tetris Effect: Connected on the plane, in a forest, or even in the washroom.

Wherever you play the game, you should know that Tetris Effect: Connected is quite different from the likes of Puyo Puyo Tetris and Tetris 99. It’s a more euphoric experience with artistic visuals and a more relaxed vibe. Yes, there is a challenge, but Tetris Effect: Connected will take you to another state of mind once you get immersed into it.