How to fix the Delta-03 error code in The Division 2

What does the Delta-03 error code mean?

The Division 2 has a variety of gameplay experiences for players to go through, although there are a handful of issues tied to the game. You cannot play it offline, and as a result, if you lose connection to the game’s server on your side or from Ubisoft, you will be booted, and you will have likely experienced the Delta-03 error code.

The Delta-03 error code is a bad connection to The Division 2 servers. If you’re experiencing this issue, you have been sent immediately back to the game’s main menu. From here, you want to try reconnecting to the game. You might have the chance to jump back into it, but it’s likely better if you exit the game and try reestablishing a connection to the game.

Depending on the connection of the server, you might be able to jump back into it. If you experience this error code again, you likely have to wait a short time for the connection to stabilize. You can always investigate Ubisoft’s twitter support page to see if their team has any updates or any notifications regarding troubles with the server or quick maintenance they are doing. The worst-case might be you need to restart the internet on your side, but if you’re experiencing the Delta-03 error code continually, it’s likely on Ubisoft’s side, not on yours.

You can experience this error code on a PC, PlayStation 4, or an Xbox One.

You need to wait for Ubisoft’s servers to stabilize in The Division 2. It’s a minor issue that a handful of players will likely experience, with so many players jumping onto the game at the same time.