How Heroes work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

What Heroes can do for your party in and out of combat.

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While Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has the main cast of characters, you won’t be limited to just those six fighters. You will occasionally encounter individuals known as Heroes who will join your party and fight by your side. Having them in your party gives you additional options when you are in combat, not to mention the benefits you gain from working with them.

Working with Heroes isn’t the easiest concept to understand, but learning how they work will be essential for using them in combat and learning their classes. You will only learn about them in Chapter 3, when you decide to assist Colony 4 with their troubles.

How to recruit Heroes

Heroes will join your party when you work on Hero Quests or due to story circumstances. They will function as temporary party members, helping you out as a seventh member. A Hero will often come with a class that you haven’t encountered yet.

While Heroes will likely work with you during their Hero Quest in some capacity, you can officially “recruit” them to the party once you have completed their respective Hero Quest. They will “join” your party, but what this means is that they can be added to your combat roster.

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You can only work with one Hero at a time, but you can bring them into your party no matter where you are. You can select them from the Heroes tab in your menu, and can pick the Hero you want with the A button. If you want to remove a Hero from your party, press the right joystick to deselect them.

Heroes can’t have their classes changed or be modified, such as switching their Gemstones, but they will still be powerful allies on the battlefield who can make a significant difference. Completing their Hero Quest will also allow a party member to inherit their class, allowing you to share that with the team as you use the new class. As you complete more Hero quests, you will get more classes to work with.

Now that you know how Heroes work, you can start putting them into your party and look out for Hero quests to make your party stronger.