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Top 10 PS4 Exclusive Games

Next to Nintendo, PlayStation has had one of the longest but greatest track records over the years since the PS1's release in 1995. One quality that Sony fans have prided over is the archive of exclusives that break ground in the world of story-based games. Recently, Sony has pushed title after title that has wowed gamers time and again and it doesn't look like they're slowing down with the announcement of games like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part 2

Our top 10 list brings together some of the most innovative in storytelling and gameplay mechanics on the PlayStation 4. There are many games not mentioned in this list that also deserve recognition, but we couldn't credit all of them. The ones that are mentioned were acclaimed by critics and fans alike. 

Top 10 PS4 Exclusive Games 

10. Detroit: Become Human (2018)

Developed by Quantic Dream, the same company behind hits like Heavy Rain, the newest choice-based game Detroit: Become Human takes on the themes of what it means to be human in a sci-fi setting. The game follows several sentient androids with different storylines. The gameplay is less about combat and more about dialogue and action choices that can affect a character's results. The wrong decision could lead a character to death or success; it's up to the player. Because of its branching storylines and choices, the game has immense replay value. 

9. MLB The Show 17 (2017)

Because of its innovation and entertaining simulation of the MLB, The Show is a long-running franchise that has survived other attempts at the same sport. Its greatness lies within the various game types, including a mode called "Road to the Show," where players create their player who works their way to the Major Leagues. Players who are seeking a strong sports game with fantastic mechanics, MLB The Show 17 is it.

8. Until Dawn (2015)

In the same vein as Detroit: Become Human, this horror-survival title is a dialogue and action-based story that relies on the player's choices to determine what happens to the characters. The plot revolves around a group of teenagers meeting at a cabin in the snowy mountains for a reunion after the death of two of their friends the year prior. Not long after the teens get settled are they stalked and hunted by a masked psychopath. The wrong choices could get any of these characters killed, so it's up to the player whether they want to play it safe, or take risks that could reap the reward or even death. A solid story and a gameplay mechanic that never gets old due to the branching story-arcs and surprising plot twists that keep players on their toes. 

7. Bloodborne (2015)

Coming from the company that developed such challenging games as the Dark Souls series, this macabre horror game takes the difficulty to all new levels. Within the beautifully rendered yet fictional Victorian-era world, Bloodborne throws players into a nightmare scenario against infected citizens, bizarre creatures, and giant monsters. The combat and gameplay style is reminiscent of the Dark Souls games but adds weapon combinations in the form of swords and firearms. Classic horror fans will want to flock to this one, as it embodies the feel of an H.P. Lovecraft tale. 

6. Infamous: Second Son (2014)

The third installment of the Infamous franchise, Second Son is the first on the current generation of consoles, and it shows it's graphical power on the PS4. An open-world sandbox adventure that puts you in the shoes of a character who just recently received superpowers, it's up to the player to determine if they're going to use their powers for good or evil. The gameplay is addictive, giving players varying abilities that help them in combat and traversing the open map of Seattle. For instance, there are four ability types: smoke, neon, video, and concrete - all of which have their pros and cons. This is an action-adventure that's worth checking out and would be a mistake to miss. 

5. The Last of Us Remastered (2014)

Originally released on the PS3 at the end of the console's life in 2013, The Last of Us made an immediate comeback with the remastered edition, which featured a tweak of the graphics and the additional DLC storyline. For those that never had a PS3 and never had the chance to play it, getting the remastered edition is a must as it has one of the most influential and most powerful stories and game history. The story follows the protagonist, Joel, and a girl, Ellie, who travel across a post-apocalyptic America to bring the girl safely to a group known as the Fireflies. Of course, their journey isn't without its difficulties, but those troubles make for great character moments. 

4. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016)

The fourth and final installment of the Nathan Drake storyline of the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog gives us one last adventure that it packed-full of fights, car chases, exotic locations, and huge set pieces that make this series so great. Not only that, but the story elements bring a worthy and sentimental conclusion to the beloved adventure series that gives Nathan Drake a proper send off. New to the series, the fourth game features an exploration mechanic, allowing players to drive around larger maps and explore new areas. 

3. Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)

Taking place in a unique post-apocalyptic world, Horizon follows the life of Aloy, a girl in search of her destiny and her history. This journey pits her against dangerous enemies, including the mech-dinosaurs that roam the land. There are remnants of a fallen civilization that Aloy learns about throughout the game, and eventually the purpose of the robotic creatures. Everything from the plot to the setting and level design works harmoniously together to bring a groundbreaking and memorable story with fantastic gameplay mechanics. The combat system is unique and complex, giving players choices in how to approach each situation; whether that's with stealth or a full-frontal assault. A refreshing open-world RPG that gamers shouldn't miss. 

2. God of War (2018)

Another installment in a long-running franchise, the newest title takes what we know about the character of Kratos and spins it around for a more personal and intimate story that involves his son, Atreus. When Atreus' mother dies, it's up to Kratos and his son to take her ashes to the highest peak in the realm, but this gets the attention of other gods in the area, leading to numerous dangers that the characters have to deal with together. The story is complicated but straightforward enough to allow newcomers to enjoy it as well, relying only on minimal knowledge of previous games. The combat system, graphics, large-scale battles, and huge set pieces help make God of War a gaming classic. It received critical praise and won Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2018. 

1. Spider-Man (2018)

Over the years, gamers have had a multitude of Spider-Man games that ranged from good to terrible, but it was just last year that the world was introduced to one of the best renditions of the character in an open-world action game, whose web-swinging mechanics are second to none and allow for hours upon hours of entertainment. The story is also one of the greater qualities of the game, portraying an older Peter Parker that still deals with responsibility and work/life balance. The depth of the character is genuinely seen, competing with other portrayals of the favorite web-head. Favorite enemies of the comic-book character also make appearances, including Rhino, Vulture, Electro, Shocker, and many others. There are also a wide variety of spidey suits to choose from as well as gadget and web combinations for the greatest in combat gameplay. It's one of the most entertaining and heartwarming games on the PS4. 

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