Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion Cosmetic Mods That Feel Like Plastic Surgery

As if these characters weren’t already too hot for their own good, these BG3 mods completely change their appearance.

Image by Gamepur

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Did you ever look at your Baldur’s Gate 3 companions and think: “Yes, but more conventionally attractive”? Oh, the thought had never occurred? Well, you can either fight them or join them.

Baldur’s Gate 3 modding community is a wonderland of combat, UI, and a lot of cosmetic mods. To be absolutely fair, the companion and TAV appearance customization options, despite being diverse, do get old after the third or fourth playthrough. The braids and buns just don’t do it for me anymore, sorry. That’s why the modding community, specially curated in this list to bring you the crème de la crème, has the best character and companion customization mods for BG3 for you.

Yassified Astarion: Hot as Bloody Hell

best bg3 companion appearance mods
Image via NexusMods
  • Author: Bishounen159
  • Download link: NexusMods

Look, it’s easy to judge Bishounen159 for yassifying Astarion like that, but they do have a point: why does a high-elf turned vampire spawn at the age of 39 look aged when their average life expectancy is around 700-750 years? While Larian surely does have a lore-accurate and respectable answer, I don’t quite think the 25000 players who downloaded this mod really care.

Gortash, but Unkillable: Gortash Facelift

bg3 ¡makeover mods
Image via NexusMods
  • Author: pooteeweet
  • Download link: NexusMods

Gortash is the easiest to kill of all three netherstone holders in Baldur’s Gate 3, but I’m sure the battle would have been at least twice as hard if he looked as hot as he does, thanks to Gortash Facelift. My palms would get sweaty, I’d start grinning whenever he called me a “damn fool,” and quite frankly, the fight would never be over. In any case, pooteeweet’s mod lets you choose among three possible facelifts for Gortash, all of which look great.

I Prefer the Real Karlach: Datamined Karlach

bg3 companion appearance mods
Image via NexusMods

Because I didn’t want my PC to have a meltdown, I didn’t play BG3‘s early access version. But it’s clear that the characters underwent some form of makeover. At some point, labotor’s version of Karlach is what she was supposed to look like, and I kind of dig it. In some alternative universe, she made it into the final version, in which Avernus turned her into a less forgiving and light-hearted character. I’m not sure if we’re ready for it.

Jaheira, But Slightly Younger

bg3 companion makeover mods
Image via NexusMods

Though she doesn’t fit into Baldur’s Gate 3 story perfectly, I think Jaheira’s still fun to be around. It’s nice to see the original Baldur’s Gate characters all tough and grown up. However, some of your TAVs may be too young for her. If you still consider the age gap controversial in a world doomed by sexy squids, then Younger Jaheira might be the BG3 cosmetic mod for you.

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Lae’zel with Softer Features: Another Face for Lae’zel

bg3 appearance mods
Image via NexusMods

I love Lae’zel, but my god, she is scary. Whenever I had a chat with her, I would pray not to earn her disapproval just by breathing too loudly or something. bk0n9’s mod replaces Lae’zel’s stern features with a softer look that somehow prevents her from looking like she is constantly judging you.

Botox Drow Mommy: Another Face for Minthara

bg3 cosmetic mods
Image via NexusMods

Minthara is great, really; I just wish her brow wasn’t furrowed to make her look either angry or disgusted with my actions 90% of the time. Look, I’m sorry I didn’t butcher an entire village of Tieflings. Can we please move on?

XxJeptxX’s mod plumps Minthara’s lips and sharpens her cheekbones, but what I really love is that even her resting face looks more inviting. Life is better with a nice Minthara.

Less Abs, Please!: No Abs for Companions

best bg3 cosmetic mods
Image via NexusMods

I get it; some of these guys are buff warlocks and bear-shifting druids, but what about my lanky wizard Gale and nimble rogue Astarion? With slimesona’s Baldur’s Gate 3 mod, you can get a more realistic look at these two guys.

Shadowheart Minus The Seasoning: Another Face for Shadowheart

best bg3 appearance mods
Image via NexusMods

If you’ve ever wanted Shadowheart to look like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner had a kid, then do I have the mod for you. vemperen has uploaded a Baldur’s Gate 3 cosmetic mod that completely revamps Shadowheart’s face, and apparently, over 70000 of you are already having a blast with this celebrity kid.