The 11 Best Free Mobile Games

Best Free Mobile Games

In the competitive world of gaming, where PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo all compete to be on top, players forget that there's another option for both casual and hardcore gaming - mobile. Yes, there's somewhat of a stigma to playing games on the phone or being referred to as a "mobile gamer." We're not saying you have to give up the consoles for your tablet or phone. We just want to recognize the games out there right now that are worth your time and can kill those extra minutes before work or while running errands. 

The games we've listed are indeed free on the app stores. This doesn't mean that the games don't offer pay-to-play options, but for those that don't mind grinding it out for higher levels, these games are worth the download and play-through. 

Best Free Mobile Games

Marvel: Contest of Champions


A fighting game with a lot of depth and addictive gameplay, Contest of Champions gives players the chance to unlock some of their favorite characters from the comic-book universe - whether that's Captain America or even Thanos. This one does require a lot of time and grinding to reach those higher levels, but as time goes on, it becomes more worth it. It's also fun to see which new characters you're going to unlock and which ones you're going to spend more time upgrading. 

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Still in Early Access, TES: Blades is a fantastic rendition of a fantasy adventure cut specifically for mobile devices. No, it's not as open-world and filled with depth like the console and PC versions, but this is a tight and solid addition to the universe, adding to the deep canon that has existed for so many years. The combat is fun, the missions and dungeons are detailed, and the story - though small - feels like a right fit in the lore. 

Fallout: Shelter 


This is a fun world-building simulation that allows players to be the overseer of a vault finally. At first, a lot of the gameplay is passive as wastelanders come to your vault and you place them to work as you see fit, but later in the game, there are missions to send vault-dwellers out on missions of various kinds, gaining XP and new equipment and weapons. There's a lot of loot out in the wasteland to find, so these missions are vital to the survival of the vault. There are also bandit raids on the vault that players will have to keep an eye on and options to have vault-dwellers have children together. It's reminiscent of The Sims but with a fun, post-apocalyptic twist. 

Plants vs. Zombies 2


At this point, everyone should know what PvZ is, but it makes the list because the mobile versions are filled with extreme depth and addictive gameplay. For those that aren't familiar with the game, it's much like a tower defense, except it plays more in a traditional game board style where you have to plant defensive flowers and various plants to defend against a zombie horde: fun concept, fun art style, and some of the most addictive gameplay out there. 

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 


A turn-based strategy game that has a lot of depth and takes a good amount of time to master; Galaxy of Heroes is no basic mobile game by any means. First, players collect a wide variety of Star Wars characters from all forms of canon and legends. Second, players must determine which teams are most cohesive and which characters support which other characters. Third, there are numerous ways to level-up each character and team before combat. There are also multiple game-types, both online and solo, giving players a lot to work with and hours upon hours of entertainment. The game goes through regular updates as well, so it never stagnates. As seen in the photo, there's also space battles that coincide with a specific character's level. 

Crossy Road

crossy road

Running with the joke of a chicken crossing the road, Crossy Road plays much like the original Frogger games where players must get the chicken across a dangerous highway, railroad tracks, and ponds with floating logs. Although very reminiscent of its predecessor, the game stands out on its own with its unique art style, new challenges, and a play on the classic joke of why the chicken crossed the road. Beyond that, there are numerous characters to choose from including a cat, a basketball player, and even a unicorn. 

Pokemon GO 

Probably one of the most innovative uses of mobile devices, Pokemon GO is a free-to-play game that gives you the chance to be a Pokemon trainer outside the realm of just in-game story but allows for the catching of wild creatures out in the real world. The game is a solid experience that encourages interaction with other players, regular exercise, and real-world exploration using the camera and AR technology. It continues to be updated on a regular basis, not just in function, but also in adding more Pokemon generations to keep the game a fresh experience. 

Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

A fast-paced side-scrolling shooter, Jetpack Joyride proves that the arcade game genre is not dead and will not be for some time. The game has been out for a few years now and continues to be a brilliant experience. Not only is the gameplay fun, but there's a load of unlockable outfits and jetpacks to keep it fresh and fun. For those looking for a mindless gaming experience to relieve stress, this is the one. 

Sky Force Reloaded


Sky Force Reloaded is another great arcade game that's tight in gameplay, yet simple. Shoot down other planes, helicopters, and various enemy vehicles while also racking up the currency, saving people, and dodging enemy fire as much as possible. The challenges are what keep the game addictive and fun, not to mention the fast pace that allows for quick playtimes that don't require much commitment — a solid arcade shooter for any age and fans of any genre. 


Many of the games that you'll come across when searching for that next addictive mobile game are puzzle titles, but Hex FRVR truly stands out as a champion on brain challenging, addictive gameplay, and a simple concept. Much like Tetris, this game is about placing tiles in a small space and knocking them out by connecting the right combinations, but instead of the board being in a rectangle, the shape is that of a hexagon, changing the way the game is played and how the pieces fit within the board. 



Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone is a strategy online card game within the universe of the Warcraft canon. The gameplay is fast and addictive, the dialogue is silly and witty, and the music is everything fantasy fans want from a game such as this. It does take time to learn the importance of each card, whether it's their offensive, defensive, or healing properties, but once learned Hearthstone is one of the best free-to-play games on mobile.

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