The 10 Best Mobile Games of September 2019


Each month there’s usually a rate of 1-2 games per day that come out on mobile devices. And that’s a lot. This list is to help narrow down that search and help you to discover something new in all different genres for every person. From casual to adventure, to horror, to story-driven, to Mario Kart Tour.

#10. Kaihi

Kaihi is an arcade game where players control a small onigiri, or rice cake. Slide across the screen to collect coins within a specific time limit. When time is over, you can move to the next room. The longer you stay alive, the harder each room gets with getting threats that run across the screen to eat you or take the coins you’re trying to get. You can collect power-ups to deal with them too.

Pros: simplistic gameplay, cute art style

Cons: power-ups aren’t frequent

Kaihi is available on iOS only for free.

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#9. Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear

Based off of H.P. Lovecraft’s work, Abylight Studios has brought forth their new title where players take on the role of H. Joyce as he explores an old abandoned mansion in the Swamp of Storms to discover the secret behind the lurking fear. It has some good quality graphics, and some decent horror and atmospheric qualities being an interesting take on the original H.P. Lovecraft story. It also has some reasonably good puzzles that can get a few head scratches going.

Pros: Atmospheric, good puzzles, available for Apple Watch

Cons: Movement can be tricky

Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear is possible on iOS only for $1.99.

#8. Black Sea Legend

Like pirates? Like JRPG’s? Like naval battles? Then you’ve come to the right place. You play as a pirate Captain who’s gaining an army of other pirate Captains to taking down the evil bandit pirates. Yes, there are good pirates now, and your team of them are going to free up coastal cities and plunder some treasure in the sea while you’re at it. A charming little pirate adventure with some somewhat familiar names for the pirates. Da Vinci, Raphael, and more that I’ve not even discovered yet. It’s naval battles taken to a new level with some fun superpowers that pirates have now.

Pros: Simplistic gameplay, easy to understand the combat system

Cons: Levelling up takes a very long time, no character customization

Black Sea Legend is available on Android systems only for free.

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#7. Mythgard

If you’re a fan of Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering card games, Mythgard is right up your alley. Mythgard takes a twist on the myth of Persephone, putting it into a modern setting with a lot of demons, and well, all the gods have gone missing, with Percy (Persephone in this version), finally leaving the gates of the Underworld to find her mother. Along the way, she does battle against demons and creatures of the night. They’re out trying to put a stop to her or to take her powers. I have never played a card game like this before. This game was an interesting introduction to them. These were fun characters and a lead protagonist with a powerful baseball bat as her weapon, it’s safe to say this is staying on the phone.

Pros: Stunning artwork, easy to understand card system

Cons: No difficulty settings, have yet to come across deck customization

Mythgard is available on Android and iOS systems for free.

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#6. Granny: Chapter 2

She’s back, and now she’s brought her husband: Grandpa. And now you’re trapped in Grandpa’s house. Much like the first game, you have to escape the evil clutches of these insane old people who want you dead. You have five days to escape with several different escape route options. With Grandpa in the mix, there’s double the threat against you. But while Granny hears everything, Grandpa doesn’t hear all too well, but he does his very hard. Escape with your life, or die at the end of 5 days. This game is an excellent continuation of the previous installment, with new spooks, new ways to fight back, and new escape routes.

Pros: Difficulty settings with the ability to remove Grandpa, decent scares, good puzzles

Cons: Very glitchy, controls can be wonky

Granny: Chapter 2 is available on Android and iOS systems for free.

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#5. One Punch Man: Road To Hero

Following the story of its namesake One Punch Man: Road To Hero brings in the iconic characters and villains from the silly comic turned popular anime One Punch Man. The story of Saitama who wants to be a hero for fun, but struggles with the fact that each foe he comes across goes down with one punch from him. The game combines turn-based fighting combat with a board game style movement to find items, bosses, and other fights. The cast from the original anime has also returned to give back their talents for the game. A good sense of humor, and some good fighting systems, if you like One Punch Man, you’ll love this.

Pros: Good combat system, fully voiced

Cons: Requires stamina to do missions, and stamina recharge rate is prolonged

One Punch Man: Road to Hero is available on Android and iOS Systems for free,

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#4. Slaughter 3: The Rebels

This game is the third installment of the Slaughter series by Ray Spark. The story is about a town that’s secluded from the rest of the world that is a prison encampment with no way out. Players take on the role of Russell once more. He gets brought back to this prison encampment where the walls have fallen, and criminals run free. Here, his partner has gone missing. And with murdered cops having in the streets and anyone who wanted to live having fled the complex, it’s overrun. Packing a few guns, you have to make your way through, take care of threats, and come back with your partner alive. An intense action drama with some fantastic graphics and a continuation of a thrilling story.

Pros: Stunning graphics, easy controls, fully voiced

Cons: Combat is tricky

Slaughter 3: The Rebels is available on Android for $2.00 and iOS for $0.99.

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#3. Wanderlust Travel Stories

This game feels like a choose your adventure book with real-life locations, and real-life cultures. The game is more of an interactive novel where players control the protagonist of a specific story and shape their adventure and experience through the choices they make. The game is meant to be for those who want to travel, but don’t have the means to. Wanderlust adds in photographs of the actual locations, and news articles about essential factors of traveling and the sites you travel to, such as how global warming is affecting the area, or how tourism hurts specific locations. Players also have a few things to manage. They need to know what to pack when to leave, and their exhaustion levels and a few other things to watch. Their experience will change depending on these aspects.

Pros: in-depth storytelling, beautiful photos

Cons: not gameplay heavy

Wanderlust Travel Stories is available on iOS Systems only for $9.99.

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#2. Mario Kart Tour

As expected, this highly anticipated mobile version of Mario Kart has taken everything by storm. Mario Kart Tour brings back all the favorite maps from previous games and compiles them together into different tours at the palm of your hand. Collect all sorts of characters, karts, and gliders to get as many points as you can and come in first place. It’s just as fun as many remember the first Mario Kart’s to be. There’s still cutthroat when to use certain shells against your enemies. There isn’t much else to say about it, as it’s everything many of us hoped it would be, and it’ll stick around for a long time.

Pros: It’s Mario Kart, customizable playing style

Cons: Not all the features have gone in yet, microtransactions

Mario Kart Tour is available on Android and iOS Systems for free.

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#1. This Is The Police 2

This Is The Police 2 brings a particular combination of several different styles of games to create a one of a kind experience. It combines puzzles, simulation, management, visual novel, tactic strategy, and more. It does it all seamlessly. After the death of the previous sheriff, players follow the young new sheriff Lilly Reed. She’s dealing with stress in the workplace from the lack of a mentor and capturing a wanted fugitive criminal, Jack Boyd. He gains her trust, and she makes a plan with him and goes through her job, hoping that it won’t come back to bite her.

The game focuses on tactical strategy when cops are sent out to investigate or arrest certain people of interest. There’s a tremendous mystery at hand, and several people are involved. From there, you can interrogate them, search through files, and then send them to court. And if they end up being innocent, you can see if judges can get bought.

There was something about this game being story-driven and choice-based where everything, every move, every answer or question, and every decision felt like there was a weight to it. It was reminiscent of how in-depth a story can go, much like in shows like Twin Peaks, where the lore is everything and has so much to it. I can easily express that there were moments where I felt so scared of the consequences of what my mistakes would bring (even if they might not have been mistakes), and what that might mean for the case or characters.

Pros: Intense story, grand strategy, sound management system, loveable characters

Cons: Because it is story-driven there are times when the game becomes slow as it focuses on cutscenes and interactions, tapping certain tools or objects in combat is tricky

This Is The Police 2 is available on Android and iOS Systems for $6.99.