6 Best Weapons to Use in Xenoblade Chronicles X


In Xenoblade Chronicles X, there are a various different weapon depending on the class and the Character. Very few players are aware of the best tactics and weapons to be used during the big battles in Xenoblade Chronicles X. If you have played the Xenoblade Chronicles then you will know the weapon functionality is the same for Chronicles X. So we decided to shortlist Top 6 weapons you must Use in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

6 Best Weapons

The Weapons may look similar to each other, but they are completely different when you try them during the battle. There are various different weapons in Xenoblade and are categorized in two major types: Melee Weapons and Ranged Weapons. Melee Weapons are used for close fights whereas the Ranged weapons are used for shooting enemies from a distance. Here we have the list of Top 6 Weapons you Must use in the Game.

6 Best Weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles X

Dual Swords

The Dual Swords are the First in our list of the Best weapons, being a melee category weapon it has some best effect to show during the battle. You can upgrade it up to level 4 max. Each level with different arts will make the Dual swords work at its best. The max level you can upgrade the Sword to ‘Full Metal Jaguar’ at level 4 after ‘Winged Viper’ level 3.

With Different Level, you will also have the options from the four different Arts to work with. Once you are ready to max out your weapons with Hundred Shells(Melee Art ) you will have the following weapon qualities:

  • Class: Full Metal Jaguar
  • Unlock: Rank 8
  • Hits: 14
  • Effect: From behind – Damage Up
  • Secondary Cooldown: Damage Up 250%
  • Tertiary Cooldown: Damage Up 400%

Photon Saber

The Photon Saber is also one of the Best weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles X. When upgraded to max Level the Damage it provides is almost similar to the Ranged weapon Psycho Launcher. You can upgrade your weapon to Level 4 Max – Galactic Knight after Blast Fencer(Level 3). Similar to the other weapons the Photon Saber will also have various effect with different Arts we choose.

The Galactic Knight is one of the six finest classes to be reached in the Weapon Level. Once you reach this level you will be awarded with bonuses to both melee and ranged attacks. You can try Starlight Kick(Melee Arts) with this weapon and get the best out of it.


The Longsword is the best Melee weapon we can recommend using in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The Finest damage that you can provide during close fights. You can upgrade the Longsword to Level 3 – Samurai Gunner after Level 2 – Striker.

Once you upgrade to Samurai Gunner it will provide you bonuses to HP and melee attacks. You can tag along with the ‘Offensive Stance’ which is one of the Aura Arts in Chronicles X to get better damage performance. Check out the Stats with this Art.

  • Class: Offensive Stance
  • Unlock: Rank 1
  • Range: Self
  • Effect: Accuracy Up; Melee Attack Up; Increases damage taken
  • Secondary Cooldown: +20.0s
  • Tertiary Cooldown: +40.0s

Gatling Gun

The Best Mixture of Melee and Range Weapon is the Gatling weapon. You can use it for short and long range both as the gun is so handy and comfortable that you will love it to use it again and again. Call it as a backup gun when you are attacked by multiple enemies. You can Max upgrade the Gun to Level 4 – Bastion Warrior after Level 3 – Shield Trooper.

Once you max upgrade the Gun, you will have a number options with the Arts which Art to choose and how to use it. We recommend the ‘Thermal Payload’ which is one of the Ranged Arts works best with the Gatling Gun.

  • Class: Thermal Payload
  • Unlock: Rank 4
  • Range: Single
  • Effect: Extra damage if Toppled
  • Secondary Cooldown: Damage Up 250%
  • Tertiary Cooldown: Damage Up 400%

Sniper Rifle

Best of Ranged Weapon is the Sniper Rifle. If you want to avoid one to one close fight you can always have the choice to select a Ranged weapon like Sniper Rifle and take them down from a distance far away from the Battle. You can upgrade this Rifle to Level 4 – Astral Crusader after Level 3 – Partisan Eagle.

You have different Arts option with Astral Crusader class. You will be awarded bonuses to ranged attack and accuracy also this is the one of Finest class to be leveled up in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Sidewinder one of the many Ranged Arts works best with the Sniper Rifle.

  • Class: Sidewinder
  • Unlock: Rank 3
  • Range: Single
  • Hits: 1
  • Effect: Debuff Res Down
  • Secondary Cooldown: Damage Up 250%
  • Tertiary Cooldown: Damage Up 400%

Psycho Launcher

As the name says the weapon works like a Psycho. You must Upgrade the weapon to the Max Level that is the Level 4 – Galactic Knight. The Weapons Upgrades are same like the Longsword, but this works as a Ranged weapon. This Launcher is one of the Most massive damage providers during the long Battles. Also with the Level or Class Upgrade you will also have several Arts upgrade as well:

  • Astral Heal
  • Astral Horizon
  • Astral Protection
  • Astral Purge
  • Galactic Cataclysm
  • Novalibrium
  • Starfall Blossom
  • Starlight Kick

Try each and every art and see which Art suits you best for your fighting technique. Being a part of one of six final classes in the game, it will provide you with the bonuses to melee attack and ranged attack.