Best Curved Gaming Monitor 2019

Speaking from personal experience, curved monitors are great. Good games become great thanks to the extra immersion from the screen. Glare is less of an issue with a curved monitor, I’ve noticed.

Other than glare and immersion, there’s no real benefit to a curved monitor over a flat-screen. There may be more issues associated with curved monitors. But they look so gosh darn cool that we’re willing to ignore that.

Before buying any monitor, consider the desired specifications. Size, vsync capabilities, refresh rate, and response time are all things to consider. Size matters the least here, but some games may look stretched on bigger screens.

Vsync is vital to prevent tearing. Running too high of frames or two low with your settings can result in tearing. Enabling vsync will fix the issue.

The Refresh Rate is the big one. Look for something with a minimum of 100hz. A monitor that is capable of a higher refresh rate will run better with higher frames and experience less tearing. My current monitor is 144hz, and unless you’re playing professionally, you probably wouldn’t need one higher than that.

Response time is measured in milliseconds (ms). The average human response time is 250 ms. Most monitors are somewhere around 4 ms. It might be tempting to go for a 1 ms monitor, which is possible, but it won’t make a significant difference.

Curved monitors are fantastic, but there does seem to be more problems and a higher price associated with them. Curved screens, for some reason, seem to be prone to pixel issues, not dead ones, but lines upon startup. I experienced this with my Pixio monitor and an MSI monitor. Reviews on nearly all of the monitors I’ve researched have the issue.

In comparison, flat monitors don’t have that complaint as often. There are several reasons for this issue, from hardware problems to a power surge damaging the computer. It may not be related to a curved screen. It just seems to be a more common complaint from curved monitors than their flat counterparts.

Top five curved gaming monitors from 2019

Alienware Model

Alienware 1900R

Alienware dedicates its brand to gaming. Their curved monitor stands above the rest as a result. This Alienware monitor has a 120hz refresh rate and a 4 ms response time and measures 34 inches.

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MSI Monitor

MSI Optix AG32C

The specs on this MSI monitor are better on paper than the Alienware above. With a 165hz refresh rate, 32-inch screen, and a 1 ms response rate, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. The reviews are overall positive. As mentioned above, it is prone to pixel problems.

I’ve dealt with MSI monitors. They’re decent, good picture quality and sturdy build. It did suffer some display problems after a year, which seems to be a theme with MSI brand monitors.

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Asus Monitor

Asus ROG Strix

This thing is a beast. With a full 49 inches of HD goodness to envelope your eye sockets, you’ll be thoroughly entranced in the game in no time. This one has 144hz and an “eye care” feature that your retinas will thank you for. If the price is too high or the size too big, it comes in other sizes.

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Samsung Monitor

Samsung 49 CHG90

If money is no object, this monster of a curved monitor is your new best friend. Samsung produces top-quality technology, and they know they’re winning the screen battle. They aren’t known for their gaming gear, but that doesn’t stop them from churning out quality 144 Hz monitors.

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AOC monitor


Contrasting the one above, the AOC brand monitor is a nice, budget-friendly alternative. It’s only 24 inches but does have bigger options. I almost listed a newer brand, Sceptre, in its place, but this one has 144hz compared to the 75hz of the Sceptre. Be ready for some pixel issues with this one.

Your monitor choice will come down to features. Do you have space and money for the 49-inch monitors? Or do you need something smaller like the AOC monitor? Whatever your needs, one of these will suit you.

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