Best of Allister Fanart | Pokémon Sword and Shield


If Bea’s popularity is shocking, she has nothing on the cute little ghost Gym Leader, Allister. Alongside his Pokémon Sword counterpart, Bea, Allister debuted today as the Ghost Type specialist in Pokémon Shield. The two have the fandom divided, and individual preferences will lead players to decide on which game they want.

If we featured Bea, we must feature Allister. Don’t worry; we love them both! Here’s the best fanart that Twitter has produced so far from the new Ghost Gym Leader. As with Bea, please show the artists your appreciation with likes, retweets, and praise.

We love this art by iPhibi. The colors and the pose do the character justice while also endearing him to many, especially with that Mimikyu featured in his arms.

Artist angelfxre does a great job at portraying the shy side of Allister, even adding a cute little blush mark to his mask.

Next, we have tako_amhero’s combination of chilling and cute. It captures what the fans love about Allister: his adorable potential for horror, with the one bright eye and battle ready stance.

Another cute but terrifying version is NoodleBowl_Pop’s work. The pose suits the character while giving some sense of danger from that smiling silhouette behind him.

On the opposite end, we have EliTanDark’s rendition that plays up that ghostly horror element with the lighting and the quick pen strokes.

As with Bea, there are so many other works out there. We cannot possibly feature everyone, and I encourage everyone to through your preferred platforms to find even more amazing works. And be sure to like, share, and praise the artists in question. They work hard and deserve every second of it.