The Best of Bea Fanart | Pokémon Sword & Shield


Pokémon’s newest trailer showed off some exclusive new Gym Leaders. Bea, the Fighting Gym Leader exclusive to Pokemon Sword, has fans flocking to her already. Artists work fast in the fandom, and Twitter is already buzzing with some beautiful images of the newest Gym Leader.

So far not much is known about Bea other than she’s a martial artist that specifies in Fighting Pokémon. That doesn’t stop the fans. And we’re glad it doesn’t! Check out these amazing works by Twitter artists! Please check them out and give them those precious follows an retweets. Their work is worth it!

Artist MelzGrave nails the pose and expression, and the background is just enough to accent the subject without overpowering her.

I’m a big fan of this one, one of the early pieces to come out from the release. Twitter user GreatDekuTri has a stark comic style to the sketch with movement and strength befitting the Fighting Type specialist.

One of the more recent additions, user Cinnabeep, does a fantastic job with their style while still capturing the essence of the character.

Artist Benbeau plays with light and color in this piece, showing off a lovely contrasting pink to highlight the warmer tones in Bea’s palette.

Finally, SilverBean delivers with a cute chibi of our new favorite Fighting Type Leader.

We cannot possibly feature every great work. They’re growing exponentially by the moment. And Twitter isn’t the only platform. Be sure to look around and see all the fantastic artwork. Like and comment on the artists’ posts. They appreciate it.