The 10 Best Pokémon Sword & Shield Cosplays So Far

Pokémon Sword and Shield might only be a few months old, but like fan-artists, cosplayers work very fast. With each new tidbit of information and teased content, cosplayers launch themselves into a flurry of activity and work. The results are amazing works of creativity, passion, and skill. Here we’d like to feature some of the best cosplay we’ve seen for Pokémon Sword and Shield.

10 Best Pokémon Sword & Shield Cosplays

Minkthesatyr may not be sporting anyone specific from the new games, but she’s certainly done an excellent job of portraying the mascot. Where would the franchise be without Pikachu?

Scorbunny is a popular one, both for cosplayers like MicaBurton and as a smarter choice for many. We’re always impressed with people that cosplay Pokémon, taking an animal character and adapting it to a human form.

Speaking of that hot-crossed-bunny, NerdDoll does an excellent rendition that looks ready to fight. Although I think all of us hope it doesn’t gain a secondary Fighting type.

Wrapping up our Scorbunny list is PrincessMorganB, with an adorably cheerful Scorbunny with flawless hair.

TimcangJr brought the legendary Zamazenta to life with his cosplay. We are genuinely in awe and inspired by the work put into this. Transferring a Pokémon to a human cosplay is hard, but loyally recreating an animal form is equally impressive.

Wooloo soared to popularity upon release. It’s no surprise that cosplays started to surface soon after. What is a surprise is how PuppyofPeace managed to get this beautiful cosplay done in only two days.

Moving away from the Pokémon cosplays, now we have some trainers and Gym Leaders. Splgum starts us off with his rendition of the main protagonists in the upcoming games. The recreated backpack is what gets us.

OfficialRinnieR does a fantastic job portraying Sonia, the newest lab assistant in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Scorbunny wins the cosplay popularity contest for the Pokémon, but all eyes are on Nessa when it comes to the Gym Leaders. Leiracosplays knocks this one out.

Finally, Game2hype’s version of Nessa is impressive and a reminder of the creativity of cosplayers.

As with the fanart features, we cannot possibly feature every amazing cosplayer, but we can give you a glimpse into the world. All the cosplayers here deserve recognition for their hard work and incredible talent.

This is only some of the fantastic cosplays out there, and with new information on the upcoming games getting released, we will only see more of the Pokémon fandom’s brilliance and creativity.