E3 2019: What we don’t want to see from Nintendos press conference


In Nintendo’s E3 conference last year, the company’s attention was almost exclusively on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The latest entry of the Super Smash Bros. was worth all the attention though, as it was released with amazing reception and sales. However, in spite of that, that meant there was so little attention focus on other games in Nintendo’s E3 presentation.

There are still too many things we don’t know about Nintendo’s presence at this year’s E3. There are still plenty of big games coming out this year, like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Luigi’s Mansion 3. None of those big titles match the same status as Super Smash Bros., a game series that has proven to be one of Nintendo’s biggest sellers.

Pokémon Sword and Shield may be the biggest game for Nintendo at this year’s E3, though Pokémon often makes announcements separate from Nintendo’s games. It’s possible that Sword and Shield could be this year’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo, but we still expect some surprise announcements for this year’s E3.

Nintendo is commonly known for making off-the-wall announcements, which is not always a good thing. Sometimes Nintendo will surprise fans with games that frankly many wouldn’t care for. We hope the Big N has learned from past experience, and don’t make the same mistake. To help them, we’ve come up with three things that Nintendo should absolutely avoid doing at this year’s E3.

Don’t Announce Games Like Federation Force

Nintendo is home to many iconic gaming franchises, including Mario and Legend of Zelda. The Nintendo Switch is currently the hottest console around, with plenty of gamers demanding that games on the PS4 and Xbox One being ported to the Switch. With plenty of franchises to choose from and a variety of games to port over, Nintendo should be the last company to think of when concerning about announcing new games.

Yet somehow, time and time again, Nintendo has made a habit of announcing the wrong games in big announcements. Remember a little thing called Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and how disastrous that announcement was? It was one of Nintendo’s announced games in 2015’s E3. Do we need to worry about Federation Force 2 being announced at this year’s E3?

Federation Force isn’t the only time that Nintendo has made a “questionable” announcement at a big presentation. Rather than announce new titles for their biggest franchises, they would announce weird games. Nintendo may finally announce a new game for the long-dormant F-Zero franchise, only for it to end up being a spin-off that has nothing to do with the main series. Let’s hope Nintendo can finally get the hint, and announce games that people would actually want to play.

Let The 3DS Die

The 3DS had a good life; it probably will go down as one of the best handheld consoles ever. It is also a console with outdated tech. Why would we continue to play the 3DS when most Nintendo fans already have the beautiful Switch, a console that can be both a handheld and home console?

Many safely assumed that once the Switch was a year out, Nintendo would quietly end support for the 3DS. Somehow Nintendo continued to push new games on the old handheld. WarioWare Gold and Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey were just released in the last few months. Fortunately, it does seem like Nintendo has finally let go of the 3DS, as there doesn’t appear to be any new major announcements for the handheld. Unless of course, Nintendo decides to surprise us with more 3DS news at this year’s E3 and we really don’t want that to happen.

Don’t Just Focus On One Game


As mention before, it is hard to imagine one Nintendo game taking up all the spotlight at this year’s E3. Pokémon Sword and Shield has the best possibility, but the Pokémon Company usual promotes the Pokémon games in their own way. Not only that, but Sword and Shield will be getting their own dedicated Nintendo Direct a few weeks before E3.

Besides we don’t really want Nintendo to just focus on one game at this year’s E3. While it was cool for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last year, it was still kind of disappointing to not have any more big gaming announcements to go along with Ultimate. We hope Nintendo will divide its attention at this year’s E3 with more than one game. There’s nothing wrong to be excited for more than one potentially amazing Nintendo game for 2019.

Nintendo’s 2019 E3 conference is expected to happen June 11 at 9 A.M. PT, 12 P.M. EST.