The 9 best gaming chairs (2020)

The best seats for your body and your budget.

Image via Secret Lab

Gaming products often center around the devices running the game. The machines get the spotlight for their slick technology and their ever-evolving specifications. Gaming peripherals tend to look at companions to the computer or device: controllers, mice, keyboards, headsets. Gaming chairs are an overlooked niche. They aren’t about the game, but about the gamer.

It is vital to consider the negative effects of sitting for a long period: weak muscles, obesity, back strain, etc. It is best to take breaks and walk around every hour to prevent some of the health issues. And of course, seek medical help immediately if there is a problem.

The best gaming chair in the world won’t prevent these side effects, but they can make it more comfortable as players watch their SR drop in Overwatch

For many, simple office chairs are enough. They are designed with sitting at a computer in mind, after all. Office chairs and gaming chairs have different designs that do different, but similar things. Gaming chairs tend to have a racer style, meaning they look like a car seat. This can be a good thing as car seats often have extra lower back support.

Gaming chairs, as with all gaming designed products, have the tendency to be overpriced. A gamer tax, if you will, gets attached to the product. Office chairs will cost less and maybe just as effective. However, there’s no denying that gaming chairs can be very comfortable and supportive. There are many lower-cost options available, but still expect to spend a lot.

Consider your body type when purchasing a gaming chair. Chairs are not always one size fits all. Taller players may be able to use a chair designed for average height players, but it won’t be comfortable. Look for the chair that works with you. 

Secret Lab Omega

Image via Secret Labs

Secret Lab makes amazing chairs. The Omega series is their catch-all line for the average gamer, designed with support and comfort in mind, and comes in a variety of styles. There are three options: PU-leather, Napa Leather, and fabric. The seat is firm but comfortable for maximum support. The chair comes with a memory foam pillow that attaches to the chair with an adjustable elastic band. The chair’s armrests are adjustable, giving players added support for their wrists to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s not the most affordable of chairs, but it is worth the investment. The chair reclines for gamers that want to relax after a long streaming or competitive session. With different colors and fabrics, it is easily customized to fit any lifestyle choice. 

Secret Lab Titan 

image via Secret Labs

The Omega’s taller, stronger sibling is the Titan. The Titan is everything the Omega is but bigger. This is the chair for taller gamers, or perhaps heavier gamers, or both. You don’t need to be either to want this chair, however, as even smaller players will find it comfortable, if a bit roomy. 

The Titan has the same features as the Omega: adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, reclining option, memory foam pillow, and choice of fabric, leather, or PU leather. The Titan is featured here because while it does everything the Omega does, it does it for the tall players, too, making sure no one is left out in this brand. Both the Titan and the Omega come in a variety of pop culture, and esports inspired patterns. From Overwatch to Game of Thrones, there’s a pattern for all fans. 

Noblechairs – Epic

image via Noblechairs

Noblechairs is a European brand. Their Epic series has won three awards for the best hardware, making them a top contender in the category of gaming chairs. The chairs look like a slick combination of executive office chairs and racing chairs, and the result appeals to the avid gamer that spends long hours in-game or streaming. The company had streamers and gamers in mind with their design and maximized comfort and support. The Epic is their lower-cost option, although that’s not saying much when it’s still rather high.

The chair can come in PU-leather, real leather, or Napa leather. They recline to 135 degrees for ultimate comfort and relaxation. The armrests, like those of the Secret Labs, extend to maximize wrist and arm support. They lack some of the features of their lower-priced competitors but are quality chair options.

Noblechairs – Hero

Image via Noblechairs

Noblechairs’ Hero is the higher-priced alternative to the Epic series. The two are very similar and come with the same features, but the backrest reclines to 125 degrees. The chair is shaped to mimic the natural curvature of the spine for added support. The Hero features a diamond-stitched pattern on PU-leather, Napa leather, or grain leather, and has a few different color options for the stitch. The color and leather choice affects the price. The higher quality leather, the higher the price.

Nitro Concepts – C100

Image via Nitro Concepts

Nitro Concepts makes quality chairs at a reasonable price. The C100 series comes in multiple colors and offers a variety of benefits. The chairs don’t have all the features that you would see in something like the Secret Labs chairs, but the prices reflect it and more than makeup for the lack of features.

The C100 is made of cold-pressed foam, helping it keep its shape during long periods of use. It is adjustable for multiple body types. It features an ergonomically designed shape to support spines during long sessions.

Nitro Concepts has a few other options at different prices. The C100 is the most affordable but sacrifices extra features. The S300 EX comes with additional pillows and a reclining backrest, for example, but at a higher price.

E-Win – Knight Series

Image via E-Win

Popular with streamers, the E-Win Knight series is a strong choice without the premium price. The E-Win Knight series is the lowest cost option from E-Win. It’s another racer seat, as all are now, and has a very distinct gamer look. It comes in a variety of colors and options. It reclines to 155 degrees and comes with two pillows for maximum support. The seat is made of the same cold-pressed foam as other brands, so it retains its shape well. Unlike other brands, this one doesn’t offer an option for leather. The only choice is PU-leather. An odd feature, but one of the best on here, is the wheels. They are designed to minimize damage to floors and pick up less random debris. For those that have gotten charging cables in their wheels, this is a blessing.

E-Win has other series, such as the Champion, Calling, Hero, and Flash. All of which add features and cost. 


Image via DXracer

Another brand that’s popular with streamers, YouTubers, and gamers is DXRacer. As the name implies, these chairs all feature the same racer seat. There are four series from DXRacer: Formula, Racer, King, and Valkyrie. The main difference between them all is height and weight limits. The Formula is good for up to 5’8” players while the King goes all the way up to 6’3”. The Racer is in the middle. There were no stats on the Valkyrie at the time of writing this, but we can assume it’s in the same class as the King.

All of them recline and have adjustable height and armrests. The King series comes in PU Leather, as does the Racer. The Formula series comes in fabric, which will help lower the price overall. 


image via Respawn

Fortnite fans rejoice, Respawn has licensed Fortnite chairs just for you with a variety to pick from. Respawn is more than just Fortnite brand chairs. They make a variety of chairs with different designs and functions. The one shown above is the Respawn 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair in blue. It is similar to many others on this list with a somewhat friendlier price tag. Respawn’s chairs are leather bonded with a mesh back for maximum breathability. They feature 4D armrests for support and adjustability. 

Respawn also offers some nice racer and recliner hybrids that bring the comfort of console gaming to the desk. It sits on a swivel for mobility but features a footrest.


image via Amazon

GTRACING is the best selling chair on Amazon because it is both affordable and comfortable. The chair is made from PU-leather and comes with two cushions, one for your head and neck, the other for the lower back for extra lumbar support. The height for both the chair and the armrests is adjustable to keep your wrists and backs supported through all your gaming sessions. It comes in a variety of color choices. It’s a good option for the price and has thousands of positive reviews.

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