The Best Gears 5 Easter Eggs


The Gears Of War series is well known for having a plethora of unique and exciting Easter eggs. From a locust toaster to a gun that fires explosive chickens, Gears of War is always keeping fans of the series on edge with the newest installment; Gears 5 is no different. Here are the best Easter eggs found in the game so far.

The Best Gears 5 Easter Eggs

“My Body Is Ready”

The first entry in our list is the name of the achievement, “My Body Is Ready.” This achievement is gained by completing the Gears 5 boot camp tutorial and is a reference to former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime who made a comment during a demonstration of the Wii Balance Board during E3 2007.

Thank You Message

thank you from the coalition

At the very beginning of the game, you start in an area that has a pond in it. Head up the path a little bit, turn towards the pond, and have Dave use his scan ability to show a thank you message from The Coalition.

JD Becomes Enemy Of The State

JD knocking chairs over

In Gears Of War 4, JD would get a little over-excited if he knocked over a bunch of chairs and tables. That makes a return in the first chapter here where if you knock over a bunch of chairs, the robot assisting you will announce you as an enemy of the state. No worries, he does not attack you.

Fish On A Stick

fish stick

Later in the first chapter, you will drop down into a dark sewer area. Before moving forward, shoot the four valves on the wall all around you. A fish on a stick will drop down, and you can use this as a battering mace and JD will reference that you found an Easter egg.

Snowman Marcus

snowman marcus

In Act 1, Chapter 4, you will come into a dressing room. Look at the mirrors on the left wall, and you will find a photo of a family that built a snowman that looks like Marcus Fenix.

Hamilton Reference


In the same building that you find the snowman Marcus picture, you will see posters of a musical called “Embry.” This is a reference to the real-world musical Hamilton.


tomato insults

Another callback to Gears Of War 4 is in Act 2, Chapter 1 where if you shoot the tomatoes in the greenhouse, a person will start cussing you out much as Marcus did in the previous game. You can also find crates titled “Fenix Tomatoes.”

fenix tomatoes



In Act 4, Chapter 1, you will come across a piano. There is no prompt to interact with it, but if you press “X” on the left side of it, it will begin playing the original Gears Of War menu music.


Gears 5 has 90 collectibles for you to find with some of them referencing past characters in the series.

Dominic Santiago’s Reward For Courage

Dominic Santiago's star

Minh Young Kim’s Tags (Stuck To A Rock WIth The Knife That Killed Him)

Minh Young Kim's tags

Anthony Carmine’s Helmet

Anthony Carmine's helmet

Ben Carmine’s Helmet

Ben Carmine's Helmet

Those are not the only Easter eggs to do with collectibles though. If you collect all 90 throughout the game and visit a memorial in Act 4, Chapter 1, you will be given a prompt to interact with the memorial. Every time you do so, you will place collectibles you have found in front of the memorial which will then play a voice line from that character. When all characters are accounted for, you will salute the memorial, and an image of each deceased character will appear.

Gears Memorial