Kingdom Hearts III Secret Ending: The 5 Best Fan Theories

Kingdom Hearts III has been out for a few weeks now, meaning plenty of fans have had time to mull over the story. Since the game’s release, a plethora of new theories began storming the many different Kingdom Hearts forums and Reddit posts.

Because the franchise is known for how insane it is, some of the theories on Kingdom Hearts are just as crazy. When you’re talking about a series that is all about the heart and an evil organization of thirteen people, with Mickey and other Disney characters thrown in, you better expect there would be some out-there theories.

Kingdom Hearts III Secret Ending: The Five Best Fan Theories

So strap in, as we go over the five best fan theories for Kingdom Hearts III.

Also, SPOILERS for Kingdom Hearts III. Some of the best theories are all about the ending, so if you haven’t finished the game, DO NOT CONTINUE Reading.

5: Sora Is Going To Play The Reaper Game From The World Ends With You

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Kingdom Hearts III ended with Sora disappearing in front of Kairi. Sora was using the power of waking too much during the game, and he used it one more time to save Kairi. He now seemingly paid the price and has vanished.

In the secret ending, we see him waking up what appears to be the Shibuya ward in Tokyo. Except it also looks like the Shibuya ward from The World Ends With You. The telltale sign it is the Shibuya ward from TWEWY is that the Shibuya 109 building now has the numbers 104, just like in TWEWY.

The premise of TWEWY is about teens that are stuck in some sort of purgatory that looks like Shibuya. Seemingly perishing in their previous life, the teens have the option to return to the world of the living if they play the Reapers’ Game. To enter the Reapers’ Game, the player needs to offer their most prized possession.

Kingdom Hearts and TWEWY have already had a crossover in Dream Drop Distance, where Sora and Riku met up with the cast of TWEWY. One of the characters even suggested to Sora they would like to meet in Shibuya. The prevailing fan theory is that Sora died at the end of Kingdom Hearts III, and is in the same kind of purgatory as seen in TWEWY. He would need to play the Reapers’ Game to return to life.

4: Identity Of The Mysterious Girl

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In Kingdom Hearts III, it was revealed there was an amnesiac girl that Xehanort experimented on during his time possessing Terra. The girl was kept in the basement of the castle in Radient Garden. Lea and Isa, the somebodies of Axel and Saix, befriended the girl during their many break-ins of the castle. Eventually Ansem the Wise stop the experiments and let the girl go.

Her identity is never revealed, and we never found out what happened to her after being freed. Xehanort possessed Terra, who was also suffering from amnesia, decided to continue his experiments on himself, which is what ultimately leads to the events of the Kingdom Hearts series. Ansem the Wise claims in III that he doesn’t recall the girl, and never reveals what happened to her.

The mysterious girl’s identity is being set up for a future game, but fans have been trying to guess who the girl can be. In the secret reports that are gained by beating the battle gates in Kingdom Hearts III, some more clues are suggesting who the girl could be.

In the reports, the girl says she remembers nothing but four of her friends. She also writes the phrase, “May my heart be my guiding key.” That phrase is a common motif throughout the series, and it is Master Yen Sid’s catchphrase.

Base on the information, many fans assume the girl originates from the Kingdom Hearts Union mobile game. The mobile game takes place during and after the events of the first Keyblade war. Some fans believe the girl is Ava, a foreteller and one of the leaders of the five unions. She founded the Dandelions, a group of Keyblade users whose goal is to escape to another world line, a parallel world, to avoid the Keyblade war. When the other four foretellers gathered again in the Kingdom Hearts III epilogue, Ava was oddly missing. The mysterious girl’s four friends could be the other foretellers.

Another popular theory among fans is that the mysterious girl is Skuld, another character from the Union. Skuld is part of the Dandelions and became one of the new union leaders in the new world line. Fans believe it is Skuld over Ava since the secret reports mention the mysterious girl looks to be fifteen years old. Fans think Skuld is more close to that age than Ava, though I would argue that we don’t know Ava’s age either and she also looked very young.

A more interesting theory about the girl’s identity is that it could be Strelitzia. Strelitzia was going to be the leader of the new unions until someone off screen somehow slew her. The theory is that rather perishing though, she instead went into a new world line, and became the mysterious girl.

3: The Next Kingdom Hearts Game Will Be Versus XIII

The long and tired history of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is as fascinating as it is tragic. Versus XIII was originally going to be directed by Tetsuya Nomura, the lead director of all the Kingdom Hearts games and one of the leading creators of Final Fantasy VII. However the game had trouble getting started, and the development period kept getting extended and extended. Ultimately, Square Enix chose to remove Nomura off of Versus XIII. Versus XIII became Final Fantasy XV, and a lot of Nomura’s ideas for the game were abandoned.

Final Fantasy XV is an excellent game, despite its issues. However, Versus XIII has become tantalizing what if for fans. What would have Nomura’s vision been for Versus XIII if he wasn’t removed from the game? A lot of the early footage and concepts look cool, and Nomura had a lot of ambition for the game.

It seems like Nomura may get his wish through the one franchise he has complete control over, Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts III, there was a fake trailer for the fictional video game Verum Rex. Verum Rex looks very similar to what Versus XIII was supposed to be, including some aesthetics similarities. Yozora, the lead in Verum Rex, seems very identical to Noctis, the main character of Final Fantasy XV. Their names even have the same meaning; Yozora means “night sky” in Japanese, while Noctis means “night” in Latin. Verum Rex is Latin for True King, which is what Noctis is called in XV.

The theory among fans is that the next Kingdom Hearts game will be the Versus XIII that Nomura always wanted to make.

2: Master of Masters Identity

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The epilogue of Kingdom Hearts III had a major bombshell. Xigbar, one of the members of Xehanort’s Organization XIII and a recurring antagonist, is revealed to be Luxu. In the ancient lore of Kingdom Hearts, five Keyblade masters were in charge of the five Keyblade Unions during the age of fairytales. They were called the Foretellers. The foretellers and Luxu were all apprentices for a mysterious man called the Master of Masters.

The foretellers disappeared during the ancient Keyblade War, presumably perishing in the war. Luxu lived on, eventually becoming Xigbar. After Xehanort’s defeat, he summons four of the Foretellers back, with the intentions of possibly bring back their master.

Luxu’s identity was mysteriously kept hidden in the Kingdom Hearts Back Cover CGI move, and the Kingdom Hearts Union mobile game. With Luxu now revealed to be Xigbar, players are now taking notice that we never saw the Master of Masters’ face either. So now fans are coming up crazy theories identifying who could be the Master of Masters.

One of the more common suggestions of who the Master of Masters could be is Demyx, a reserve member of Organization XIII. Many fans have drawn a comparison between him and the Master of Master, as both have a fairly cool attitude. Another character that fans have thrown around is Luxord, another member of Organization XIII with an unknown past.

1: “Into The Nomura-Verse”

Tetsuya Nomura has been active within Square Enix since the early nineties. He works his way through the Final Fantasy titles, becoming a significant creator for Final Fantasy VII. He eventually began directing the Kingdom Hearts games. He would continue to be a significant figure within the Final Fantasy series, and even produce some original titles like The World Ends With You.

Nomura’s fingerprints are all over Square Enix’s games; his art style is evident in many of their titles because Nomura has been involved with so many games over the decades. Do you think he would have the next Kingdom Hearts game revolves solely on his creations?

Fans were upset with the lack of Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts III, especially since Final Fantasy characters have been staples in the franchise since the beginning. But is it possible that Nomura avoided Square Enix characters because he wants a future title in Kingdom Hearts to be all about his owns games?

Is Nomura crazy enough to get rid of the Disney worlds entirely, and replace them with world base on games he has worked on? Instead of going to Agrabah or Atlantis, you go to Midgard from Final Fantasy VII. It is already heavily hinted in the secret ending that Sora is in the fictional version of Shibuya that was shown in TWEWY.

The idea of a Kingdom Hearts game without Disney may seem absurd, but the entire franchise is crazy, to begin with. Instead of always needing Disney’s permission for every little detail, the next Kingdom Hearts game can focus on IP that Square already owns.

Nomura already has his signature in many Square games; it would almost be like his version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All his games will converge into Kingdom Hearts, and become the Nomura-verse!