Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: 10 Obscure Spidey Suits From The Comics That Should Make a Comeback

Fashion is a huge part of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Check out these 10 Spider-Man suits I’d love to see our web-slinging hero rock.

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In the comics, Spiderman is defined by his iconic suits and web-swinging, wall-crawling abilities. This also usually transpires into the gaming universe. After all, there’s a limit to how much you can swing around NYC with Peter Parker’s blue butt before it gets old.

Over the years, we’ve seen Peter Parker don many suits, each with unique charm and utility. As we eagerly await the release of Marvel’s Spiderman 2, it’s time to wonder which suits might make a comeback from the deep recesses of Spidey’s wardrobe. Here are ten obscure Spiderman suits from the comics that deserve their moment in the gaming spotlight.

The Scarlet Spider

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Kicking off this list is The Scarlet Spider suit, a timeless classic first introduced in 1994, which deviates from the usual red and blue aesthetic. Instead, it goes for a striking red and black-color scheme. 

The suit’s most notable features include a large spider emblem on the chest, web patterns adorning the arms and legs, a built-in parachute, and a retractable backpack filled with various gadgets. This lays the groundwork for a gadget-filled Spidey suit to cruise the streets of NYC in Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

Stealth Suit

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Though Spiderman games usually go for a pretty linear story, how you take down enemies is usually up to you. For those stealthy escapades that require Spidey to slip through the shadows unnoticed, the Stealth Suit from 2008 is the way to go. 

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Clad in black and gray, this high-tech ensemble boasts light-absorbing fabric, night vision capabilities, and silenced web shooters. It’s perfect when you strike from the darkness without alerting your foes.

McFarlane Suit

Image by Sony

The McFarlane Suit was born from the creative genius of Todd McFarlane in the early ’90s and is a testament to Spiderman’s ever-evolving style.

Featuring a sleeker, more muscular design, more enormous expressive eyes, and intricate web patterns, this suit is a fan favorite. I mean, what’s not to like about the regular spidey suit with a slight twist? Its dynamic aesthetic perfectly captures the essence of Spiderman’s agility and power.

Anti-Sinister Six

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Spiderman needs all the help he can get when facing his most dangerous foes. The Anti-Sinister Six suit, first introduced in 1994, gives this otherwise skinny guy the the edge he needs with an exoskeleton, energy shields, and specialized weaponry. This suit is tailor-made for epic battles against supervillain teams like the Sinister Six.


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Transport yourself to the future with the 2099 suit by Miguel O’Hara, the Spiderman of the year 2099. This futuristic marvel boasts a built-in jetpack, retractable claws, and a holographic display. I’m not saying they must include all this to feature this Spidey suit in Marvel’s Spiderman 2, but a jetpack would be nice. I haven’t had a satisfying open-world jetpack experience since GTA: San Andreas’ Area 51 mission. The 2099 suit is the perfect choice for gamers looking to explore a high-tech dystopian New York in style.


Image by Sony

In Spiderman suits, the Ditko suit is the classic, the quintessential embodiment of the hero. It looks a bit cringe, I’ll give you that, but I’m down if I can glide flying-squirrel style thanks to it.

Designed by Steve Ditko, Spiderman’s co-creator, this suit features a timeless red and blue color scheme, a bold spider emblem, and an iconic web pattern. The Ditko suit is the way to go for those who want to pay homage to the roots of Spiderman.


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Stepping back to the gritty 1930s, the Noir suit offers a dark and moody take on Spiderman’s attire. Dressed in black and gray, with a trench coat, gas mask, and a retractable spider-shaped dagger, this suit is perfect for noir-inspired adventures demanding a darker, more mysterious Spiderman.

Superior Spiderman

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The Superior Spiderman suit represents a momentous chapter in Spiderman’s comic history. 2012, Doctor Octopus took over Peter Parker’s body and became Spiderman. 

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His suit features enhancements like an exoskeleton, retractable claws, and various weapons. Bringing this suit into the game could add a layer of complexity and depth to Spiderman’s character.

Bag-Man Suit

Image by Sony

Not all superhero suits are sleek and stylish. In a humorous twist, Spiderman wore a paper bag over his head in 1984 after his costume was destroyed. I think it could make the perfect comeback in Marvel’s Spiderman 2 as a spidey suit for when Peter Parker’s feeling low.

Despite its comical origins, the Bag-Man Suit has become an iconic and recognizable part of Spiderman lore, showcasing the character’s ability to handle even the most embarrassing situations gracefully.


Image by Sony

Spidey calls upon the Spider-Armor when he needs extra protection against powerful adversaries. This heavily armored suit has appeared numerous times, providing him with an exoskeleton, energy shields, and weapons. It’s the go-to choice for facing the toughest of challenges head-on.