5 Reasons To Get a Nintendo Switch Lite – Even If You Already Own a Nintendo Switch


This Friday, Nintendo introduces a new variation of its Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s the latest attempt by the publisher to make gaming simpler for people on the go, with some notable improvements and a redesign that may be noteworthy to some.

That said, some are hesitant about “upgrading” from their original Nintendo Switch. The Lite doesn’t dock with a television, and is strictly for portable play; and it also lacks other things, like HD Rumble or detachable JoyCons. So…where does its worth lie?

5 Reasons To Get a Nintendo Switch Lite

There are several good reasons why it’s worth picking up one of these bad boys once Friday rolls around. Let’s look at the most significant factors that make it worth adding to your collection, even if you already have a Nintendo Switch.

It’s Easier To Take On the Go

One of the Nintendo Switch’s most significant selling points is being able to take your system on the go, even on long flights and road trips. However, the Lite’s more solid build makes it easier to get your portable gaming on. With an all-in-one unit, it makes the idea of losing your JoyCons a thing of the past, since they’re already built into the system. For that matter, you can store the unit much more easily, since it’s smaller than the original Switch. Moreover, its lack of bulkiness makes it easy for you to take out and play with ease. It’s built for practicality, and it shows.

The D-Pad

As great a system as the Nintendo Switch is, it’s missing something vital – a directional pad. It does have four functional buttons that work well in its place, but some players prefer the convenience of a classic pad. We’re happy to report that the Nintendo Switch Lite has this in spades, making selecting things and even playing certain old-school games much easier than on your default system. Also, it feels pretty good, based on our sessions with the system thus far. It’s a good reason to give those games a second try that you had trouble with in the past because of the buttons. Jump back in!

A Longer Battery Life

Perhaps the biggest reason to pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite is its improved battery life. With its smaller build and its crisp 5.5” screen, it runs more efficiently than the original console. Also, that means an improved battery life – the system runs three to seven hours longer than the traditional system. You’ll still want to bring a power cable with you for those longer trips, but it’s nice to have a system that won’t die on you when you’re in the middle of a crucial Breath of the Wild battle.

The Colors Offer a Little Something For Everyone

Nintendo has offered special editions of the Nintendo Switch in the past – well, with JoyCons and docks, mind you. The general system design has stayed about the same. However, with the Lite, you’ll have three colors to choose from at launch. There’s the yellow Switch Lite, the turquoise Switch Lite and the grey Switch Lite. There’s something here for everyone – and dare we forget about the special Pokémon Sword and Shield version that’ll come out this November…?

A Better Price

The original Nintendo Switch goes for $299, which is an excellent value by itself. But not everyone can afford that, or they want a portable system that won’t set them back that heavily. Enter the Switch Lite, which offers most of the compatibility of the main system, but for a lower price of $199. That’s not too shabby at all, considering you get a system with 32GB worth of space (enough for most small games) and solid control set-up. So spending $200 to save some wear and tear on your base Switch system isn’t the worst idea in the world.

The Nintendo Switch Lite hits shelves on September 20.