Overwatch 2 Push Game Mode: What You Need To Know


The first genuinely new core game mode for an Overwatch game looks fascinating. It’s an exciting twist on the tournament style Payload or ‘5CP’ game modes that might be familiar to competitive Team Fortress 2 veterans.

The game mode is centered around a robot. Both teams have a chance to push the robot as far as they can within the time limit; pushing it to the end of the map is an instant victory for the team that manages it. The robot itself has a few quirks to it, primarily that it needs to be escorted by a player (much like a Payload) and can be used to push a tactical barrier forward (at the expense of slowing the robot down).

The game mode looks fascinating, with a heavy focus on flanking and team fights as a huge focus. Killing the other team is more directly and tangibly beneficial than in any other game mode (save for team wipes, of course) since it’s a back and forth; there is real value in delaying and reversing enemy progress rather than just running out the clock (which can feel pointless in traditional Payload modes, given that each checkpoint is a huge time increase).

This game mode isn’t quite enough to push me over the edge on Overwatch 2 (I burned out hard on Overwatch a while back), but a few more tidbits like this might be enough to get me excited for a fresh and exciting new take on the game.