Player vs Player: Why You No Monster Hunter: World, Bro?

Bill: Jan, last week I was all energized about Destiny 2 and did my best to pull you back in. That didn’t work out so well for me, but I’ve moved on. This week there isn’t a lot happening in Destiny 2, but Monster Hunter: World is cranking out new content and live events at a refreshing pace. Not only that but, as we’ve talked about in the past, Monster Hunter: World gets the loot and grinding right for the most part.

While I’m all in, going so far as to log about 11 hours one day this week, I sense hesitation on your part. I know you’ve wrapped up your review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and don’t really have anything big on your plate, so what’s the hold up? I feel like Monster Hunter: World is miles ahead of Destiny, so my chances of getting you to jump into a game must be better.

Jan: Well, I think I have different reasons for my hesitation with Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter: World. I have no doubt that Destiny 2 will suck me back into it. Last week just wasn’t that time. This week or next probably aren’t either, though at least the Iron Banner next week will have some appeal. With Monster Hunter: World, I’ve hit a wall. I’m stuck on what I assume is one of the later campaign missions in the game. It happens after the final mission. Don’t get me started on that weird storyline progression.

I’m sure you’ll remember the couple of nights where we spent hours trying to defeat… I don’t even remember its name, but it was big and ugly… only to fail and waste the entire evening. Now, fans of the game will say that the experience itself was entertainment and enjoyment, regardless of the outcome. I don’t count myself in that camp. Monster Hunter: World is an enigma to me because I do enjoy many parts of it, but I don’t like the core of the game, the monster fights themselves. So, the hours spent running, dodging, shooting, slicing, and then repeating it all until we die three times, or an arbitrary timer runs out, seem like a waste to me.