Q&A: Genshin Impact devs on the 1.1 Update, future features, clans, and Dendro characters

There is a lot more coming to miHoYo’s RPG Epic.

Genshin Impact is mere weeks away from its first big update on Nov. 11, with the 1.1 update bringing a host of new quests, characters, and more to the game.

Considering Genshin Impact rise in popularity over the last few weeks on mobile, console, and PC, many fans are wondering exactly what will be coming to the game, especially with the big 1.2 update planning to bring a new region into the mix on Dec. 23.

Fans will need to wait, however, to get their chance to try everything, but we at Gamepur were fortunate enough to sit down with miHoYo, the studio behind Genshin Impact, and get their insight into what players should expect in the current and future updates.

Gamepur: Are there any plans to allow players to increase their Original Resin cap? Or a way to earn more easily? Just looking to see if there is any changes coming.

We are aware of player feedback regarding the Resin system, and our team is already working on some solutions. We will share more information with the community when more things start to take shape.

Would it be possible to add a radial menu to the game to act as a hot bar for items?

We do not currently have plans for such a feature at this time, but we have been listening to player feedback requesting quicker access to certain items. A new item called “Nutrition, Ready-to-Eat” will be available in Version 1.1, allowing players to quickly consume food without having to open their Inventory. This nutrition pouch stores one Restorative Dish and one Revival Dish, and will automatically switch the currently available food based on one’s party status. The blueprints for this item can be obtained for free by completing certain requirements in the new City Reputation system in Version 1.1.

Are there any plans to help players find Geocolus and Anemocolus easier through something like a radar?

We have actually received feedback and found out many players have been sharing locations about Anemoculi and Geoculi with the community. In Version 1.1, a variety of tools will be introduced to make exploration, survival, and combat easier, including the Anemoculus Resonance Stone, Geoculus Resonance Stone, and Treasure Compasses. These items can be obtained for free by completing certain requirements in the new City Reputation system in Version 1.1.

What are the future banner plans?

We sincerely appreciate our players’ enthusiasm, and we understand that fans want a better chance to get their favorite character. We will have more limited-time Event Wishes in the future with increased chances of obtaining certain characters and weapons.

Are there any changes coming to the wish/pity system in the future or is it remaining as is?

There are no changes planned for Version 1.1.

Are there any plans to make daily commissions more interesting? What I mean by that is, are there any plans for specific questline daily missions instead of a “go here and kill the enemies/thing” every day?

There are indeed many such quests among the current Daily Commissions, but there is also a chance to get specific tasks with a chance to know more about the local residents, such as helping Timmy feed the pigeons in Mondstadt, or helping a linguist in Mondstadt research the Hilichurlian language. We will be working on adding more content to Daily Commissions.

What actually is the event you are adding to the game and what can players expect from it?

Unreconciled Stars is Genshin Impact’s first seasonal event and will last for two weeks. During the event, players will complete Co-op challenges and quests to help the Adventurers’ Guild respond to a major crisis. There are three stages to the event, each stage having its own quests, which give points that can be used to redeem rewards in the event shop, including the rare Crown of Insight. Also, completing certain requirements during the event will allow players to obtain the 4-star character Fischl.

Was there any reason for the big-name map update being 1.2 instead of straight away?

We still need some more time to further refine the content. We appreciate everyone’s anticipation for the new content, and we are working hard to deliver it in the best way possible.

What should people be excited for most about the 1.1 update?

Different players will have different things to look forward to in the update. Players who are interested in the main storyline and the lore can look forward to the grand finale of the Liyue chapter.

In addition, the 1.1 update will also bring 4 new playable characters to the game: “Childe” Tartaglia, Zhongli, Xinyan, and Diona. The new 5-star character Childe is the first to feature both melee and ranged stances. The other new 5-star character, Zhongli, is a Geo polearm user, able to inflict heavy AoE Geo damage, create a damage-reducing shield, summon Geo constructs, and petrify opponents. Some players may have already heard of the 4-star characters Xinyan and Diona from existing character voice lines. Xinyan is a musician from Liyue and Diona is the popular bartender of the Cat’s Tail tavern. Some players may have noticed the residents of Mondstadt talking about Diona from time to time.

Are any major nerfs/buffs planned for characters, artifacts, etc., in 1.1?

We currently cannot share more information about this.

Is there any additional characters coming in 1.1 that haven’t been leaked as of yet?

We do not have any comments on leaks.

Any hints on what we can expect in 1.2 apart from what has already been revealed?

The Dragonspine area is planned for release in Version 1.2, but we are unable to provide any more information at this time — please stay tuned!

This is a big one for me personally. Is there any plans to add Clan functionality into the game in the future?

Genshin Developer Team: We do not have plans for such functionality in Version 1.1, and unfortunately, we cannot share any further information on this topic at this time.

When are we getting a host of Dendro characters?

We currently cannot share more information about this. But stay tuned!