Rainbow Six: Siege Shifting Tides: Kali Breakdown


Kali is a powerhouse of an Operator who is a severe departure from what we usually see in Offensive Operators.

Her most unique feature is undoubtedly her weapon, the CSRX 300 rifle. It is the first true sniper rifle the game has seen, with a base 5x and toggleable 12x zoom. It instantly downs on body shots and, of course, instantly kills on headshots, even doing massive damage to limbs. It has a 97 base damage up to 24 meters and 78 beyond that, two-shotting any on limbs.

It also blows massive holes in any reinforced surface, instantly destroying barricades and hatches, and removing large chunks of non-reinforced walls.

The CSRX is an incredibly obvious weapon, creating a visible trail from the impact back to Kali herself. Any Operator downed by Kali turns to face her, much like those dropped by Caveira. The CSRX 300 also gives you a slight speed penalty when active, similar to Blackbeard’s deployed Rifle Shield.

Her gadget is underslung to the rifle itself. It is a long-range gadget destroyer, firing a large projectile that burrows through reinforced walls and explodes, destroying any gadgets like the Electroclaws, Mute Jammers, Castle Walls, and Barbed Wire in a vast radius. While it does not eliminate the reinforced wall like Thatcher or Hibana’s device, it does provide openings, similar to Thatcher’s EMP.

Her secondaries are powerful, having the choice of the ever-reliable P226 Mk25 available to SAS Operators, or the less reliable but better “panic fire” option of the C75 Auto available to Dokkaebi and Vigil.

Rounding things out are her access to Breaching Charges and Claymore mines.

Kali is an impressive Operator, having the most powerful weapon on paper we’ve seen so far and a very versatile gadget to boot. She is a bane to teams that don’t communicate well and is likely to have wildly varying effectiveness based on the map. Maps with long sightlines like House and Hereford Base are far better for her than Tower or Oregon.