The Division 2 Open Beta | No Character Customization

The Division 2’s open beta released today, and anyone can jump into play it. (For those wondering how to gain access to it, you can learn how to do that part from here.) However, as soon you log in, you’re going to find you won’t have access to any of the character customization options.

Unfortunately, as of right now, players cannot create their ideal character to take into the war-torn area of Washington D.C. Instead, you have to go through several different randomized character choices to find the style you want to use as your main character. These customized options will likely unlock once the main game has released.

It’s an odd setback for Ubisoft. Despite this, you have an entire weekend to decide if The Division 2 is the right game for you. You’ll have the opportunity to play through three of the game’s main missions, multiple sidequests, a section of the game’s PvP zone, and get to try some of the endgame content planned for players who complete the game’s primary campaign.

When you’re playing the beta, try out the different abilities, weapons, and side missions before you decide on your purchase.

You have until March 4 to take part in the open beta.