Tips For Surviving in Battlefield V’s Multiplayer


As many gamers know by now, the Battlefield franchise has recently stepped back from the modern-war theater and returned to the early 1900s for their game’s settings. First, we got Battlefield 1 which was highly successful among fans and the follow-up, Battlefield V, which takes place during WW2, but this time detailing moments from the war that is less talked about. The success of this game not only brought back seasoned gamers of the franchise but newcomers as well, itching to dive back into a solid World War 2 title.

Because of this, many new players who want to try out the multiplayer and aren’t used to Battlefield‘s signature chaos and large maps. With this in mind, we’ve come up with some tips to surviving in Battlefield V‘s multiplayer mode as well as how to become successful in their K/D ratios (kill to death ratio) and match winning percentages.

Tips For Surviving Battlefield V’s Multiplayer

1. Know Your Strengths

Sniper Class

Upon entering the multiplayer mode and entering into a match, players will see four different class types: Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon. The Assault class is all about infantry-to-infantry combat, as well as tools for anti-tank combat. Medic is more obvious, giving the player health pack options for themselves and other players as well as the ability to quickly revive downed players (non-medic players can still revive, but it takes much longer). Support class is all about heavy weapons, repairing vehicles with a repair tool, and building fortifications. Finally, the Recon class is your standard sniper. Upon first entering a game, don’t access a class that seems daunting. For instance, if you’ve never sniped before, don’t do this before you’ve learned the maps and the tactical spots for prime hunting.

2. Be Responsible

Assault Class

This is more of an added note to the first tip, but it’s separate due to its importance. When picking a class, always be aware of what that means on the battlefield. If you’re choosing the medic class, don’t skip on your duties as a medic to revive squad members and teammates. For one, reviving downed allies will always aid in the eventual win of your team. Second, you gain experience for your class and overall rank for reviving and using the tools given to you. Third, don’t piss off your teammates. This goes for the other classes as well. Assault should combat vehicles and tanks, Recon should cover the battlefield and act as a counter-sniper, and Support should lay down heavy fire and repair damaged ally vehicles.

Side-note: if you’re choosing the Medic class, this doesn’t mean you can or should save everyone. If you have a teammate that runs out into the open and gets mowed down by machine-gun fire, then there’s no need risking one of your deaths for a downed teammate. It would only hurt the team more.

3. Know Your Game Types


There are plenty of game types to choose from, creating endless hours of entertaining gameplay, but knowing what you’re playing and how to support your team is crucial to success — playing Team Deathmatch? Cool, go out and kill some folks. Playing Conquest like its Team Deathmatch is no good and will only drag down your team. Yeah, you’ll get kills in objective-based game types, but don’t let that be your objective. Also apply the classes to this: how can one utilize the Recon class in this game type? Or the Assault class? If you’re overwhelmed by the varying game types, there is an introduction video to each that you can watch that details how it’s played.

4. Stick To Your Squads


Although there are games where being a lone wolf is encouraged, Battlefield V ain’t it. It’s easy to draw comparisons between Call of Duty and this franchise, but when played side by side, there are some significant differences. Battlefield V is a war game through and through, so the key to that is staying with your team. This isn’t about who gets the glory; it’s about overwhelming the other team until you dominate. The only way to ensure that this happens is to stick with your squadmates (the guys marked green, not blue on the map). Not only will you gain more experience for staying with them, but you’ll also earn XP for respawning on their positions, reviving them, and taking down enemies with them. Whether or not you know the people behind the Gamertag, they are now your closest allies in combat. Teamwork is the name of the game.

5. Blow It Up

Blown up building

One of the coolest details of the Battlefield franchise is the destructible environments. No, not everything can be destroyed, but if it’s a building that you can go in, the chances are that same building can be blown to smithereens. This is particularly useful when dealing with a troublesome sniper or machine-guns nest in a house. If you don’t have the tools to bring that building down, then call on your other teammates who might be driving a tank to demolish the place and even out that playing field.

6. Know Your Weapons and Attachments


Another cool detail of the Battlefield is the realism in its weapons, particularly in recoil, velocity, and bullet-drop. Knowing what weapons to use for what situations are going to save you in the long run. For instance, there are various weapons per class. Looking at a class like Support, where you’d be using heavy machine guns, we have to know which ones are good for run-and-gun and which ones are good for setting up a fortification and shooting from a bipod. One example of this is the KE7, which can be shot on-the-go without the need of a bipod, versus the MG-34, a weapon with so much recoil that it needs to be set up in a fixed position. Again, there are varying reasons to use both. If you’re playing Conquest and the team is having trouble holding one of the positions, establish a nest above the area and cut down any enemies trying to dominate.

7. Memorize the Maps

This is one of the more crucial tips for playing Battlefield V. Although it’s an obvious one for sure, it should be addressed. This means knowing your way through the buildings and what’s on the other side. This means understanding the spawn points of both your team and the enemy team. This means knowing the best positions to hold up and the most vulnerable positions that should be ignored. Also knowing the go-to spots for anyone and everyone can help you sneak up on unassuming enemies.

There’s certainly plenty more to learn as you play, but these tips should help the newcomers to the franchise get a feel for the game itself and what online will be like.