Top 5 Cozy Barista Games for Pumpkin Spice Coffee Fanatics

Enjoy these games while the scent of pumpkin wafts through the air. Here’s 5 barista games that fit perfectly with Pumpkin Spice season.

Image by Gamepur

In my twenties, I transformed my coffee addiction into a pricey hobby with a barista course. It drained my wallet but filled my soul with caffeine-fueled joy. Despite all the exotic coffee recipes I’ve learned, I can’t deny a good pumpkin spice latte. And for coffee lovers like me, there’s nothing better than pairing it with a cozy barista game. For those who adore the aroma of freshly brewed beans and the comforting embrace of a café, I’ve brewed a list of the top five barista games that will satiate your caffeine cravings and immerse you in the world of coffee, magic, and cats. 


Image via Route 59

Necrobarista is a unique blend of Coffee and the Afterlife, perfectly fitting the Halloween season. In 5 to 6 hours, this game offers a unique experience where you won’t only be brewing lattes but delving into the mysteries of the afterlife.

In the shoes of Maddy, the owner of The Terminal, a coffee shop in Melbourne with a twist, you’ll cater to both the living and the dead. The deceased have a mere 24 hours in this limbo before crossing over to the other side. Exploring loss, death, and necromancy themes as you serve these ethereal patrons is what made this game an unforgettable experience for me.

Though not highly interactive, the game’s narrative grips you with its emotional depth and exquisite storytelling. Necrobarista isn’t just for fans of the genre; it’s a must-play for anyone seeking a thought-provoking and visually captivating experience.

Coffee Talk

Image via Toge Productions

Coffee Talk is inspired by titles like VA-11 Hall-A and The Red Strings Club, delivering a heartwarming story-driven experience. In this game, you play the role of a barista-cum-psychologist, serving customers coffee while listening to their tales. 

Your choices in preparing drinks influence the story’s direction, making each playthrough unique. It’s a visual novel perfect for unwinding and immersing yourself in relatable human stories. 

Like patrons in a café, you can engage actively or passively, letting the game’s charm seep in. Coffee Talk is a title that proves games can be as comforting as a warm cup of pumpkin spice latte. Or iced! I’m not judging.

Espresso Tycoon

Image by DreamWay Games

Espresso Tycoon puts a big focus on coffee brewing. Still, it also brings the excitement of managing a coffee shop to your fingertips. Developed by Dreamway Games, this simulator offers a rich experience for coffee aficionados. 

You’re invited to dive into a story-driven campaign mode with an engaging tutorial and immersive sound effects. Customize your shop, create unique coffee recipes, manage baristas, and adjust prices to keep your coffee empire thriving.

Plus, if you prefer a stress-free experience, which we could all use a bit of, the sandbox mode is custom-brewed for you. While it may become slightly repetitive once your shop is established, Espresso Tycoon is a well-crafted coffee shop simulation that’s a must-try for genre enthusiasts.

Cat Cafe Manager

Image via Roost Games

Cat Cafe Manager adds an adorable twist to the coffee shop management genre. In this charming title, you run a café serving as a shelter for stray cats in the quaint town of Caterwaul Way. Coffee is a significant element in the game, but as you might have expected, cats steal the spotlight. And probably throw it off the table, too.

Cats aren’t just a gimmick here; they play a crucial role in the gameplay. Their unique skills can either aid or hinder your cafe’s operations. It’s the perfect cozy game to play while you drink your pumpkin spice brew. Plus, it’s even got a Halloween DLC available.

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With vibrant visuals and stress-free management gameplay, Cat Cafe Manager offers a delightful experience for cat and coffee lovers alike. It’s a purr-fect choice for those looking to unwind with a cup of virtual coffee and furry friends.

Pokémon Cafe ReMix

Image via Genius Sonority

Will you spare a Poke-girl for including Pokémon Cafe ReMix in a list full of barista games? 

While Pokemon Cafe ReMix relies heavily on barista and coffee themes, it’s technically a puzzle game. In it, you’ll get to work alongside Leah to solve puzzles and operate the best Pokémon café in town. Your culinary prowess will attract a variety of Pokémon as customers or employees. The puzzles consist of linking icons featuring familiar faces like Pikachu and Charmander to prepare different brews.

This revamped version of Pokémon Cafe Mix introduces more game modes, outfit customization, and a diverse range of Pokémon to interact with. If you’ve ever dreamed of running a Pokemon-themed café, Pokémon Cafe ReMix offers a delightful taste of that fantasy.