We played Total War: Three Kingdoms The Furious Wild DLC – Hands-on impressions

The Nanman clans add more depth to Three Kingdoms’ already deep pool of strategy.

Image via Creative Assembly

The Furious Wild DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms gives the southern clans in China the opportunity to strike back against the oppressive Han dynasty that oppressed them for so long. But before they can take to the north, they have to look at the division of their clans and unite under one banner. 

To start, you pick from forming alliances with the clans, conquering them, or turning them into your vassal. Each of the clans comes with various bonuses, and once you assume control of that clan, you gain those bonuses. All of the Nanman region’s major clans are trying to become the singular ruler, acquiring all of these bonuses. It’s a race to see who can do it first. Depending on your method to assimilate the smaller clans to yours, it can take some time.

When starting as one of the Nanman clans, it can feel a little limiting — but in a good way. The new DLC forces you to steadily expand yourself by conquering these various tribes all over this specific region. Once you have them all, you’re ready to dominate the rest of China, and you have a great start to make things feel easier.

It comes with new units and mounts for your leaders, such as elephants that stampede across a battlefield, and tiger-riding warriors that ravage units in savage attacks. The four new leaders are enjoyable choices to the vast mix of generals and faction leaders you can already pick from. You’re forced to play and keep them fighting in the Nanman region until all of the tribes have come together, though. You don’t have to remain in the area to take over all of the clans, but it certainly helps.

The Furious Wild adds some new flavor to Creative Assembly’s epic Total War: Three Kingdoms and gives players something exciting to try in their next campaign to unite China.