How to get New Moon Armor Set in The Witcher 3 DLC Hearts of Stone

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

With the new expansion for Witcher 3 - Hearts of Stone, various new armor sets are been introduced in the game. The New Moon Armor is one of the armor you can use against the enemies, but to get one you need to hunt for its pieces. This Witcher 3 Guide will show you where to get the hidden pieces and how to build the New Moon Armor set in the game.

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

Where to Find the New Moon Armor

The pieces of the New Moon Armor can be obtained from the northeastern corner of Velen, Novigrad district and the new part of the map mostly from Hidden Treasure POIs. 

Piece 1 - New Moon Trousers

During the quest The Royal Air Force, in your final chest fast travel point to the northeast from the Temerian Partisan Hideout. You need to climb up on the tall stone tower to find this chest. Check the image below for the exact location.

the-witcher-3-hearts-of-stone-expansion-newmoon-trousers-location.jpg    the-witcher-3-hearts-of-stone-expansion-newmoon-trousers.jpg

Note: A Level 34 Harphy is defending this chest, so be careful.

Piece 2 - New Moon Gauntlets

Head east from Heddel Abandoned Site, in northeastern Velen, near Novigrad there is a crypt at hidden treasure POI. Check the image below for the exact location.

the-witcher-3-hearts-of-stone-expansion-newmoon-gauntlets-location.jpg    the-witcher-3-hearts-of-stone-expansion-newmoon-gauntlets.jpg

Note: A Level 34 Alghouls is defending this chest, so be careful.

Piece 3 & 4 - New Moon Boots and Armor

During the Quest The Cursed Chapel(north from the Upper Mill), you’ll need to obtain the key to unlocking the door that leads to the secret underground passage. Inside this passage, you'll find the hidden treasure POI. One is contents of the sack and other is Inside the sack in the corner of the room.

the-witcher-3-hearts-of-stone-expansion-newmoon-ab-location.jpg    the-witcher-3-hearts-of-stone-expansion-newmoon-boots.jpg     the-witcher-3-hearts-of-stone-expansion-newmoon-armor.jpg

However this Moon Armor Set is not up to the mark, so you can keep hunting more chest to upgrade and make it more powerfull. Check out the stats of the Moon Armor below for the one which we have collected.

  • Medium Armor: level 34 and 35
  • Comes as Relic, Master, and Magic Item

As per the quality of the items, you get:

  • Resistance to bludgeoning damage and slashing damage
  • Critical hit damage bonus and chance
  • Bonus gold and Glyph slot

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