Tips On Senua's Combat Systems In Hellbade

Senua is a warrior in Hellblade who is facing her serious psychosis, and along with it, she is on a journey to fight with darkness for her beloved. In various paths, Senua encounters the guards of darkness some of them are with swords, some with axes and shield and some with heavy weapons like a massive axe. The combat system of this game is pretty awesome you will need to some patience to understand it and it will definitely take the time to master.

Helllblade Combat System

There are also various combos which you can read in this guide that will help you to take down an enemy in less time. below are the combinations you can try out, and above that is the control guide that will help you to understand how this combination works. Thanks to Reddit source for the info on combat system you can find more on the source link in the end.

Hellblade Senua’s Combat Controls:

  • Left Mouse Key - Fast Strike
  • Right Mouse Key - Heavy Strike
  • Melee Attack - F
  • Block - Left Control
  • Evade - Space Bar

Hellblade Senua's Combat Combos List

Senua only has a Sword as a weapon in the game, and she has the mirror to focus and slow down time a bit, but her ability to use Sword in the best way is the only way to survive.

Basic Moves in Close Combat:

  • Fast Strike - Low Damage Attack
  • Heavy Strike - Slow but High Damage with Sword.
  • Melee - Slow but High Damage with Sword. Good for enemy with Shield.

Best Moves When You Are In Motion:

Senua can also run and attack, she can also dodge back, front and sideways. Now you can use multiple buttons to perform the moves.

  • Shift + W + Fast Strike - Thrust In Enemy with force.
  • Shift + W + Heavy Strike - Vertical Heavy Slash with a Jump.
  • Shift + W + Melee - Senua Jumps and strikes with knee. Must try.

Dodging Enemies Attack:

Dodging is also important, ample of time you will see yourself surrounded by enemies, in the start, there are slow ones, later the guard with Two axes is the faster and boss Valravn. For them, you have to be very quick. Space is used for evading, you can still perform parry attacks. But is best to avoid if you are not good in that you have hold space to perform them. You can perform the below ones.

  • Fast Parry Attack
  • Heavy Parry Attack
  • Melee Parry Attack

Attack Combos:

Now combos are very beneficial but tough, you will have to discover this on your own because it will require dealing with heavier enemies. We had seen this on Reddit and thus sharing here, the official source is at the end of this guide, do share your views which one of these you find best.

  • Fast > Fast > Fast > Fast: A good one for guard break.  
  • Heavy > Heavy > Heavy: Use when Senua is having low health. 
  • Fast > Fast > Heavy > Heavy: Two Heavy Attacks.
  • Heavy > Heavy > Fast > Fast > Fast / Fast > Heavy > Heavy > Fast: Senua stabs the sword in enemy, can be good for high damage.  
  • Fast > Fast > Melee / Heavy > Heavy > Melee: Left Hook for Melee.

So these are few suggested Sword attacks you can use, on the source below you can also know about Gramr attacks, but there are not much, still there are many combinations you can try out. Do check read our Hellblade Wiki Guide for more tips on the game and full game walkthrough.

Source: Reddit

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