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Payouts Tips

You can run different business in GTA Online After Hours that will reward you with some good payouts. These businesses work at different speed and so the amount of money you earn also fluctuates. There are many items you can produce that will give you some cash you can use later on for your Nightclub upgrades. Every business offer products that have different per unit value. There are a certain amount of stocks you can store in the warehouse, sell them off and produce again. Later on, you can upgrade the warehouse to increase its capacity and get more money, Tony will have a 10% cut in your business. In this guide, you will find details on various products and tips on earning high payouts. You can also read our Beginners Tips if you are new to After Hours.

Payouts Tips

After Hours Payout Tips & Tricks

Payout is the money you earn in After Hours DLC and this relies on the number of different items you produce and sell in the game. With upgrades, you can make things work faster.

Your Nightclub will not be making much money due to some really basic issues or you are getting low earnings. In this guide, you can go through various steps and methods that will help you to increase your payouts. Remember the amount you earn every day relies on the popularity of your Nightclub, so you have to spend a good amount to keep the popularity matter on max. Below you can check out the cost of products and each of them has an accrue time that can be boosted by upgrades which means more money. But on the other side, there is a daily fee also like hiring technicians will cost you. At a time you can have 5 technicians in your Nightclub.

It is necessary to keep doing some activity or else you might lose product or value due to raids. There is a four hour time but with a proper security upgrade you can increase that to 8 hours. Depending on the club's popularity you can earn around $10,000 in every 48 minutes, you can collect the cash from the safe.  Every 15 minutes there is a Business Battle event in the game that take place in the public lobbies. If you are able to win this you can get some extra stock for your warehouse.

Tips To Maximize Nightclub Profits

There are few things you can take care to increase your Nightclub profits, read below for more details.

Increase Security To Reduce Raids Damage:

At the start if you don't do any activity for few hours then your Nightclub will be attacked. You can lost products and money in this. There are two conditions for this, first if you are inactive for the first four hours and there are above 20% of your total stock then your Nightclub will be raided where you will lose money. And if you upgrade your security then the time is increased to 8 hours of in-activity + 40% of your total stock. Your Nightclub is exposed to raid only if you spend those hours without doing anything related to the game missions.

Storage & Delivery Vehicle:

Every floor of storage can hold 72 pieces of products. Overall 5 floors of storage can hold upto 360 products. You will get some default vehicles by default in the Nightclub. Depending on the amount of items you are selling the vehicle will change. One will be available for free while other two with higher storage capacity will be paid. The vehicles can take more damage while in the missions.

Warehouse Technicians:

To start producing stock you will need atleast one Technician assigned to the product. Every Technician will have a fee starting at 100K and ending with $300K. You can assign Technicians through Warehouse Management section where you see different sections like Cargo & Shipments, Sporting Goods, South American Imports, Pharmaceutical Research, Organic Produce Printing & Copying and Cash Creation. Plus you will also have to pay upgrade the floor so that you can produce more products. Full amount of Workers and  Garage can cost around $2000 as daily fee. You can add max 5 technicians which is one per type of goods. On an average if you go with the full production then you can earn around max $41000 every hour.

Cost Of Items Without Upgrades:

Below you can read about the items and their production time reduces with Equipment upgrades, but just in case you want to know approx how much every item worth then you can go through the list below.

  • Coke (South American Imports) - 20000 per unit.
  • Hangar & Ceo crates (Cargo & Shipments) - 10000 per unit.
  • Meth (Pharmaceutical Research) - 85000 per unit.
  • Sporting Goods (Gunrunning weapons) - 5000 per unit.
  • Counterfeit Cash (Cash Creation) - 3500 per unit.
  • Weed (Organic Produce) - 1500 per unit.
  • Document forgery (Printing and Copying) - 1000 per unit.

Equipment Upgrades:

Equipments upgrades are costly but highly effective as it can reduce accrue time by 50%. So this is something that will help you a lot, first thing your product accrue time is reduce where you get faster products of similar value. Below you can see the list of products with its old accrue time and new and its cost. Source: MrBossFTW

South American Imports:

  • Business - Coke
  • Value - $20000
  • Accrue Time Without Upgrade - 240 minutes ($5000/hour)
  • Accrue Time With Upgrade - 120 Minutes ($10000/hour)

Cargo & Shipments:

  • Business - Cargo
  • Value - $10000
  • Accrue Time Without Upgrade - 140 minutes ($4285/hour)
  • Accrue Time With Upgrade - 70 Minutes ($8570/hour)

Pharmaceutical Research

  • Business - Meth
  • Value - $8500
  • Accrue Time Without Upgrade - 120 minutes ($4250/hour)
  • Accrue Time With Upgrade - 60 Minutes ($8500/hour)

Sporting Goods: 

  • Business - Bunker
  • Value - $5000
  • Accrue Time Without Upgrade - 80 minutes ($3750/hour)
  • Accrue Time With Upgrade - 40 Minutes ($7500/hour)

Cash Creation: 

  • Business - Cash
  • Value - $3500
  • Accrue Time Without Upgrade - 60 minutes ($3500/hour)
  • Accrue Time With Upgrade - 30 Minutes ($7000/hour)

Organic Produce: 

  • Business - Weed
  • Value - $1500
  • Accrue Time Without Upgrade - 40 minutes ($2250/hour)
  • Accrue Time With Upgrade - 20 Minutes ($4500/hour)

Printing & Copying:

  • Business - Document Forgery
  • Value - $1000
  • Accrue Time Without Upgrade - 30 minutes ($2000/hour)
  • Accrue Time With Upgrade - 15 Minutes ($4000/hour)

You can sell your goods in three ways from the Sell Goods menu. You can go by selling all of them in one time or you can export them or go with Special orders. At a time you can sell a combination of 3 different goods.

Following the above tips will definitely guide you in increasing your payout every time in your Nightclub.

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