GTA Online: How To Get Removed Cars

GTA Online removed over 180+ vehicles from the game in the June update, here is how to get them back on certain platforms.

GTA Online cars

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GTA Online developer Rockstar removed many fan-favorite cars in June, impacting the reception of the largescale summer update meant to bolster the title. While removing cars might not impact every GTA fan, those who did enjoy or have goals set around the missing vehicles are likely frustrated, and looking for ways to reintroduced the content to their games.

Thankfully, several players have discovered ways to get the cars that Rockstar removed from the game. These methods don’t include hacks or cheats, but genuine ways to get the cars that were removed in GTA.

How To Get Removed Cars in GTA

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Players who use an Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5, preferably those without the GTA+ membership, can purchase any of the removed vehicles from other players who already own them at the LS Car Meet.

The Los Santos Car Meet allows players to buy a copy of another person’s car, which is a great way to get one of the removed cars. But, this feature is exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S console editions of GTA Online, so this will not apply to PC players.

Here are other alternatives that players across older gen versions of the game like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC can use. See the list below.

  • Some vehicles will become available at locations like Luxury Autos, Simeon’s dealership, or Test RIde in LSCM. These might allow players to get those old cars again.
  • If a player owns an Autoshop, they can purchase customers’ vehicles from there.
  • Winning certain vehicles at the Casino Podium or Prize Ride in LSCM as they become available.

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In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are a handful of ways to obtain missing vehicles via cheats or glitches. However, players should always be careful of doing this, as Rockstar will ban accounts that hack, mod, or mess with the game in any way.

That is all the ways for now that players can get the removed cars back in GTA Online, for a complete list of all the removed cars in the game, here is our guide on it.