GTA Online: Why Car Insurance Isn’t Working & How To Fix

Players are experiencing a car insurance glitch after GTA Online’s recent update, can this be fixed before losing a prized car?

GTA money glitch, Grand Theft Auto

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GTA Online recently received its big summer update in early June, and while the developers brought some new exciting content to the game, they also took some away. In this update, they took away many cars that weren’t as popular, inadvertently causing an issue with the insurance players buy to keep their cars safe in case of a catastrophe. Players are experiencing a glitch where their insurance is not working when their car is badly damaged.

Players are frustrated as cars are a big part of Grand Theft Auto, and many have spent a lot of time making them perfect. Now, all of that work seems to be easily erasable in more than one way.

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Can you Fix Car Insurance Not Working in GTA Online

Screenshot by Gamepur

Many players have now expressed having lost a vehicle that was very expensive, seeing that their insurance policy was deleted, leading to them submitting tickets to Rockstar. But can this glitch be fixed?

For now, there doesn’t seem to be a fix for the insurance glitch. Even if players were to purchase it again on that car, it isn’t promised to be fixed as many players have said they called Mors Mutual, and they didn’t pick up. This means that they then lost their car even after calling back again days later. Rockstar has returned some of the in-game money to some users that their car costed, but it is uncertain if they are doing this for every case.

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Rockstar is aware of the issue happening and is currently working to develop a fix, but there isn’t any certain time that this will be patched. Any player who wants to submit a ticket to try and get their vehicle or money back can go to this link here. Hopefully, this upsetting glitch will be fixed soon.