Where To Find The Yeti In GTA Online’s Christmas Treasure Hunt Event

You have a short amount of time to hunt down a Yeti in GTA Online, and this guide shows you where all clues and how to get the Yeti costume.

Where to find the Yeti in GTA Online

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GTA’s Online Christmas event returns, and you have a chance to hunt down the famous Yeti in this year’s Treasure Hunt Event. You will need to visit multiple locations to track it down and earn these holiday rewards before time runs out.

There will be five clues for you to hunt down in GTA Online. Thankfully, they’re all in relatively close proximity to each other, but you’ll still need to track them down. The exact location for each clue can be a little tricky, too. Here’s what you need to know about where to find the Yeti in GTA’s Online Christmas Treasure Hunt event.

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How to Unlock The Yeti Outfit in GTA Online

You will begin the hunt for the Yeti to unlock the Yeti Costume in GTA Online by making your way to the north portion of the map, close to Fort Zancudo, in Raton Canyon. When you arrive in this area, a call will come through from Tanner, indicating the start of this quest, and your hunt for the infamous Yeti.

Now, after you speak with Tanner, it’s time to hunt down clues of where the Yeti could be in GTA Online. There are five locations you need to visit to reveal the Yeti, and those locations are scattered around close to where you received the call. The items you’re looking for are a Dead Deer, Human Body Parts, a Bloody Tent, a Car Wreck, and a Torn Shirt. Finding each of these clues will allow you to track down the Yeti, and take it down. These are where you can find each Yeti Clue location in GTA Online.

Yeti ClueYeti Clue Location
Bloody TentWhere to find Bloody Tent for Yeti in GTA Online
Car WreckWhere to find Car Wreck for Yeti in GTA Online
Dead DeerWhere to find Dead Deer for Yeti in GTA Online
Human Body PartsWhere to find Human Body Parts for Yeti in GTA Online
Torn ShirtWhere to find Torn Shirt for Yeti in GTA Online

Now, after you’ve visited each location, you need to track down the Yeti in GTA Online. However, it only appears during the game’s nighttime, which occurs from 21:00 to 6:00, or 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM. From here, scour the objective location where you tracked down the clues, and the Yeti should appear. It will come running at you, indicated by a red skull marker on your map. You will need to defeat the Yeti to unlock the Yeti costume in GTA Online, earning you the prize.

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The encounter can be tough. I recommend bringing a powerful weapon to ensure you can take down the Yeti, and claim the outfit. You don’t have too many opportunities to earn this reward, and you want to make sure time is on your side.