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Home Sweet Home Walkthrough

In the previous mission Wheels In Wheels Spider-Man was on a mission to take down Fisk's guards and a new type of enemies Demons. In this part Home Sweet Home, you will meet Aunt May. After this, there are few more short missions where you will just do basic things like in the next one Stakeout you will learn about Black Cat and unlock Black Cat Stakeout that will reward you a custom suit. In the next mission Couch Surfing you will just take a nap at a shelter and finally in the last mission of this walkthrough Straw, Meet Camel you will fight with a whole bunch of Demons.

Home Sweet Home Walkthrough

Home Sweet Home Walkthrough

Peter Parker is kicked out of his house, and he has to find his things by locating the trash truck.

Find The Trash Truck

The marker will take you to a building that has the truck, you can climb through the vent places on the wall on the right side. Check the truck in the end, exit the building through the vent on the roof. Follow the next marker and you will reach a pizza shop. Check the truck in the front of the shop and next you can find on the right road. After calling back to ES, you will learn about the incinerator.

Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

Fight a few thugs and rescue the sanitation worker and then scan the environment. There are few garbage bags just behind the worker, check them. You will unlock Web Bomb gadget. You can test the gadget on a new group of thugs who just entered in the area. You will have to learn to use the gadget.

Go To MJ Apartment

Follow the next marker that will take you to MJ's house. But Spider-Man decides to skip her house, you will get an unknown voice mail.

Stakeout Walkthrough

This one is a very shot mission where after getting a voice you just have to investigate, you will unlock a new side mission that will reward your custom suit.

Interrogate Black Cat Camera

Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

Follow the next marker, and then use the camera. Look on the roof of the building or on your front and zoom in the door. You will spot a cat. You will unlock Black Cat Stakeouts, this will help you to uncover Black Cat's mystery. On the map, you will see various locations with cat icon. If you complete the Stakeout you will unlock a custom suit. If you skip playing you will continue with the next main mission and earn around 250XP.

Couch Surfing

In this another short objective, you will just visit the shelter and take rest. There is nothing much to do.

Head to the F.E.A.S.T Shelter

Go and meet Aunt May at the shelter. Then go towards the couch to sleep. Next morning you will get some money, go outside the office and you will get a call from MJ. Exit the office and the chapter is over. You will earn 250XP for this. Before you start with the new main mission you will have to explore the city, play side mission and upgrade your gear and abilities. On the map look for a blue icon, for side-missions. Plus you earn crime tokens by stopping a robbery, shootouts, etc. After upgrading your gears and skills you can continue with the below mission.

Straw, Meet Camel

In this mission you have to save Fisk's Men from Demon, he then promises you to tell you about their leader.

Investigate The Demons

Officer David will call you and he will tell about Demons moving on the Fisk Construction site. Visit the site and fight with the Demons. You will be playing this in stealth mode, without creating many alerts disarm the enemies around. One by one quietly eliminate them and lure if they are standing in a group. Once you clear them you will find another group of Demons beating a worker.

Defeat The Demons

You will be fighting with armed Demons and one has a shield. He can block your melee attack, but he is vulnerable from the backside. After the call, you will spot the helicopter.

Save remaining Fisk Men

Next, you will see the markers all around the building, these are the places you have to go and save Fisk's Men. This will be a long fight, as there will be a lot of Demons around who are trying to kill Fisk's Men. You have to stop them. After clearing up maximum Demons you will see a bigger one who will jump from a building. This one is Demon Brute. You have to avoid the shockwave at all cost, you can use gears, webs, and throwables around to distract the Demons. One fast way of defeating the brute is first webbing him completing and then attack. You will see a total number of men you have to save on the left top of the screen. Also, watch out for the helicopter, a Demon will be using missiles attack on you.\

Go To The Roof

Go on top of the building, and stop the falling crane. Just follow the screen prompts. After saving the crane follow the helicopter. You will also have to dodge the rocket attacks, keep following the rocket, and watch out for the falling debris. Once you reach the helicopter you will fall into a building. There will be a sequence where you have to run and avoid the rocket attacks, along with the falling debris. After making it to the helicopter dodge the attack, press the keys you see on the screen. Along with this, you will also have to dodge the demons attack. You have to disable the helicopter's engine to bring it down. There will be two of them. While falling down press L2 + R2 to shoot web, and then press L to stop the helicopter's tail. Once again continuously press L2 + R2 to stop the helicopter.

This completes the chapter you will make around 2500XP. You can read our walkthrough on the next two missions And the Award Goes To & Dual Purpose.

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