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Spider-Man Newsflash Walkthrough

Black Cat reveals why she is stealing the arts in previous mission Like Old Times, but she did not explain things in details. In this part of Spider-Man The Heist Walkthrough you will read on four main missions Something Screwy, Trail of the Cat, Pursuing The Truth & Newsflash. The important mission among these four are Pursuing The Truth where you will be chasing down Black Cat and finding out the exact reason why she is working for Hammerhead, and in the next one Newsflash, you will play as MJ who is investigating vital info on the lost child.

Spider-Man Newsflash Walkthrough

Something Screwy Walkthrough

Screwball will offer you some challenges you can play to earn good scores. These missions will be available on the map.

Shut down Screwball's new show

Visit Screwball's show on a roof area where you will spot some enemies. Interact with the projector and you will unlock Screwball Challenges around the city. You will earn Challenge Tokens by playing them. In this mission, you can play an EMP Screwball Challenge and earn a score on the basis of your performance. Interact with the projector once again to begin. Follow the signal trails to disable the 6 EMP's.

Trail of the Cat Walkthrough

In this short mission, you will fight a few thugs and follow Black Cat trails to find her next location.

Investigate the Break-in

MJ will share a location where she thinks Black Cat is active. Talk to the EMP who is with the injured guard in the middle of the road. After talking to him walk right and then take another right and you will find another clue Magnesium Flare.


The clue will trigger a Match The Pattern puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle you will get a trail that will lead you to an alley between the buildings. You will find an injured civilian and as you land a group of thugs will attack you. Defeat the gang and continue with the trails.

Defeat Hammerhead's Thugs

After the cutscene fights the thugs. The mission is over once you are done with it. Spider-Man will update MJ about the missing drives.

Pursuing The Truth Walkthrough

In this another short mission, you will have to chase down Black Cat. There will be a long chase sequence in this part.

Capture the Black Cat

Black Cat will disable Spider-Man's web shooters, you have to chase her down. She will be in your focus, keep running behind her and jump over obstacles. After getting the web shooters back online follow the train. Watch for the electrical spikes in your way. After getting out of the tunnel keep following her over the building roofs. Once you are near press R1 to web shoot. Finally, in the end, Spider-Man will be able to catch her. In the cutscene, Black Cat will agree to for the help. This completes the quest.

Newsflash Walkthrough

In this mission, you will play as MJ. You have to quietly investigate a cold storage building and collect evidence on a lost kid.

Find a way into the compound

Spider-Man will order a Pizza, pick that and in a cutscene, you will hear MJ talking about the vehicle registered to a storage company owned by one of Hammerhead's old friend. You will be playing as MJ in this mission. Enter the compound through the small opening on the left corner of the building. The place is guarded, you can use a stun gun to subdue guards who had not noticed you. Just crawl quietly from the behind and use the gun.

heist-storage-house heist-storage-house-1

As you enter there will be on guard on the left, disable him and take the picture of the corner area. There are some packs of counterfeits bills. Take a picture and go right, use the toolbox to distract the guard. There is another guard standing near a table with bills on it, you have to throw the lure to distract that guard away. Stun both the distracted guards first and then walk to the left side. You will find another stack of cash click the picture. Walk over the wooden platform on the left side of the stack to go on the other side and you will spot another guard. Stun him and take the picture of two guys talking.

After pulling out the data from the laptop you will have to exit this place. An armed guard will be right in your path, use the lure for distraction and then stun him. Walk towards the fan on left and turn it on, two guards will be distracted and you can pass behind them. There will be three guards, one will walk away towards the gate and another one will be standing near the table watching the blueprint. Stun him first and then go towards the next one. Stun him and slowly walk away from the left side of the tempo quietly hiding. This will trigger a cutscene where MJ meets Spider-Man and tell him about the evidence.

The mission is over. You can read our walkthrough on the next quest Follow The Money. For more update on the game do check our Spider-Man 4 PS4 Wiki guide.

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