The Trouble With Arson Spider-Man The Heist Walkthrough | Car Bomb Locations

The Trouble with Arson Walkthrough

In the first mission The Maria of Spider-Man PS4 The Heist DLC, you were able to stop the goons but Black Cat find a hidden data drive inside the painting. Spider-Man and MJ both are clueless about the data inside the drive. In this next main mission The Trouble with Arson you will have to find four bombs and diffuse them using Spider-Bot. You can get locations of all bombs below. There will be a short mission after this where you will unlock stolen arts locations. It is not a major one you can complete this objective later on. After this in the third mission of this walkthrough, you will be able to find the reason behind Black Cat's stealing of arts.

The Trouble with Arson Walkthrough

The Trouble with Arson Walkthrough

In this quest within a time limit you, have to find and diffuse four bombs. They are all nearby and you will hear a beep sound when you are near to the bombs.

Respond to Distress Call

After talking to MJ you will hear a distress call about an explosion. Your objective is to diffuse four car bomb using the Spider-Bot in a limited time. Below are the locations of all bombs.


Bomb 1 Location - Once you got the bot to control the first bomb is in the front under a car.


Bomb 2 Location - For the second turn right and look for a truck with an open door on the back. The bomb is inside near the cargo.


Bomb 3 Location - For the third one after coming out of the truck go right you will have to locate a white car that is standing on the signal a bit far from the truck area. Just exit the truck and from the signal turn right next take the first left and you will spot a white car.


Bomb 4 Location - After defusing the third bomb go behind the car and keep walking till you spot a garbage bin on the left side not far from the white car. Diffuse it and all four bombs are done.

Long Lost Loot Walkthrough

By playing this mission you will unlock locations of 10 Walder Hardy's stolen painting. One you will get in this mission other you can find later on.

Meet with Det.Mackey

Detective Mackey will call you for a meeting, he will give you a location of a building. Keep climbing up but move towards the left end till you reach a balcony type area where you will find a power box. Break it and you will locate a stolen art.  You will unlock Walter Hardy's Stolen painting mission that you can find throughout the city. There are overall 10 hidden stolen arts.

Like Old Times Walkthrough

While following Black Cat, Spider-Man will learn what is making her to loot arts and bream them to retrieve the data drive.

Investigate The Shootout


Once you reach the spot help the police by stopping all the enemies. Next, a stronger enemy will join the party with a massive machine gun. To stop him you will have to go near and press the Triangle + Circle. In the cutscene you will learn the shootout is just a distraction, follow the objective marker to reach the next target location. Scan the building and you will see Black Cat's trail follow them all the way to roof and investigate the stakeout gear. Look through it and you will spot Black Cat far ahead on the roof entering into a door. On the roof Black Cat will escape, you will have to stop the enemies who are behind her. After defeating them follow the marker for a cutscene.

Black Cat will tell why she is stealing the arts. She is doing to save son's life but without explaining things in detail she will escape. The chapter ends here. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission by clicking on the link - Newsflash.

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