The 5 best champions to use in Paladins if you're a beginner


In most titles, everyone has to start from the beginning, learn the game, and find out what everything does at some point—and Paladins is no exception.

With the Nintendo Switch version of the title recently released, new players are slowly joining the arena to compete in team battles across the world.

When you load up the game for the first time and see the amount of champions that you can choose from, it can sometimes feel daunting to decide which one you should pick. We've carefully selected a few champions for you to try in your first match to get a feel for the game before gaining the confidence needed to experiment with other characters later on.


Viktor is your basic soldier-like champion and plays similar to characters like Soldier: 76 from Overwatch. You have a gun, you can run fast, and throw a frag grenade. It can't get any simpler than that.

Viktor acts as a great champion for those who have played a lot of FPS games, like Call of Duty or Battlefield, and want to transition into Paladins with something they're familiar with. He's a great entry-point champion and is arguably the simplest to play in the whole game.


From our experience, Cassie might as well be an improved version of Viktor.

She's another damage dealer who's given a bunch of ranged projectile abilities to rack up kills. Cassie also has additional options that give her the ability to reveal where other champions are on the map, while having options to escape with ease using her dodge roll.

Cassie is the type of champion that you try after getting bored of Viktor since she can offer you a chance to get used to Paladins' controls and give you a second pick if Viktor is chosen by someone else.


Skye excels in speed and stealth. As Skye, you typically want to flank your foes to deal massive damage to tanks and hard-to-kill champions.

Her abilities are pretty straightforward and easy to use. Her Smoke Screen is an ideal tool to get out of a fight when things get a little bit too heated for your liking.

Skye is the type of champion that you want to use in more objective-based game modes instead of death matches. She excels in objective gameplay since she's the type of champion to come from behind and dispel an opposing team's plan.


Kinessa is your standard sniper-class champion in Paladins who's mainly used at long distance to offer support for your allies. She plays like Widowmaker from Overwatch. She can also use her sniper at close range, turning it into an assault rifle.

With Kinessa, you have the chance to sit back, help your team from afar, and see how everyone else is playing to get a feel for the game before feeling confident to run headfirst into battle. She also has a teleport ability to make a quick escape if anyone tries to get close to her.


Pip is the type of champion that you want to play to get used to the basic controls of Paladins. He's arguably one of the best supports in-game because he can throw healing items toward allies with the click of a button, while having a bunch of attacks that can chip away at foes.

Pip also has an abundance of abilities that can slow enemies and even turn them into chickens for a short period of time, leaving them open for attacks from the main damage dealers on your team. This champion can sometimes be the difference between victory and defeat, so make sure to learn his abilities well.

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