How To Mute Players Or Change Voice Chat Settings In RDR2 Online

RDR2 Online Disable Voice Chat

In many online games similar to Red Dead Redemption Voice Chat is a default way to communicate with other players. Sometimes it gets annoying of some players to make noises and disturbs you. Similar to that sometime you want to talk to limited people only and do not want others to hear your voice. Both settings are available in Red Dead Redemption Settings. In this guide, you learn about How To Mute A Player and How to Limit Your Voice to Friends, Posse, Member on Map or To Disable it completely.

RDR2 Online Disable Voice Chat

How To Mute Players & Voice Chat Settings

The good thing is that Rockstars had kept the settings in Red Dead Redemption online that allows you to mute a single player.

Mute A Players Voice From Players List

Go Free Roam Menu and select Players, the first option on the top. Below you can see Invites, Log, Posse, etc. You will see List of Players and by pressing L1 & R1 you can navigate through the list to filter them under Friends, Posse, Nearby, etc. Jump on any player and select it from the list, look on the bottom right section f your screen and you will spot four options Mute All (Triangle), Mute (Square), Select (X) and Back (O). You can pick Mute to turn off that person’s voice.

How To Mute Your Voice or Restrict It To Some Players (Voice Chat Settings)

If you want to restrict what you are talking and does not want all to listen then there is a separate section to control the Voice Chat in RDR Online. From Free From Menu, scroll to the end Online Options. Voice Chat is section one, and you will see arrows to change the settings. By default it is Everyone, you can restrict your voice to Friends Only,  or Members in Posse. You can also disable it completely if you want.

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